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  1. use OnNPCKillEvent
  2. Well, this could be done with making a custom dll and hooking into client to send the packets needed for the mac address or other address we would like to check which is I don't know how to do. I have tried doing this myself, find a dll which gets mac address but lack of knowledge with hooking in client and packets made me stop pursuing this and use launchers for now. If someone could do this, it would be easier because use of launchers can be prevented..
  3. Added Healer/Buffer/Identifier/Repair NPC in one A customizable script that includes 4 NPC's in ONE Healer, Buffer, Identifier and Repair
  4. there's a missing model or texture file in your grf i think, try using an updated data.grf
  5. pm me here or in skype
  6. maybe you have different time in your Vps,
  7. @dolphincute Welcome! I'll post more soon,
  8. Hello, since it's my vacation time, trying to refresh myself with scripting. Here are some of my recent work, will add more probably in the next coming days. Level Up Event Race Event Floating Rates Bind @go command Healer/Buffer/Identifier/Repair NPC in one Have a good day!
  9. add condition if (BaseLevel <=50) {write the bonus part here} else {dispbottom "sorry, only players with level 50 and below can use this"}
  10. so is this project still ongoing? @nanakiwurtz
  11. Wow, thanks for this, but how come I'm uploading a zip file for the npc but it's not working at all. After I press submit file and it uploads nothing happens. No msg at all appears if it's successful or any error after uploading the archive.
  12. This is really useful, thanks for this!
  13. normal yan lalo na openvz