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  1. why not simply use this script command in your script? getexp base_exp,job_exp;
  2. it's showscript, Haruka Mayumi is right You could use npc timer to loop it so it would show permanent OnInit: initnpctimer; end; OnTimer1000: showscript("Healer"); setnpctimer 0; end;
  3. looks like npctalk or unittalk? Does it shows message in the chat box when you're near that npc?
  4. https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE - I'm using his translation
  5. Updated one Didn't know that kRO might have changed the drop effect until someone asked me to create a plugin. 20200401 Ragexe shows a different drop effect + (do-re-mi?) sound Drop Effect as of 20200401 1 = Blue 2 = Yellow 3 = Purple 4 = Green 5 = Red White is missing? Orange was turned into red? Added sound effect for the pillar effect. I attached my latest video for this.
  6. Hello rathena! It's been a while. Just came back from a very long break from ragnarok emulator scene. When I read one of the topics here in the forum, I encountered this new Item Drop Option and Drop Effect which made me very excited and thought that I could do something like inspired Item Drop Effect in Diablo 3 (which I played for the past few months) Anyway, this video is to showcase what I was able to achieve in making a plugin for this. Code is a little bit messy. There have been many changes in the source which I need to study. Just read the video description as well. Enjoy! PS: Posted this already in herc, just want to share it here as well
  7. Well, this could be done with making a custom dll and hooking into client to send the packets needed for the mac address or other address we would like to check which is I don't know how to do. I have tried doing this myself, find a dll which gets mac address but lack of knowledge with hooking in client and packets made me stop pursuing this and use launchers for now. If someone could do this, it would be easier because use of launchers can be prevented..
  8. there's a missing model or texture file in your grf i think, try using an updated data.grf
  9. maybe you have different time in your Vps,
  10. add condition if (BaseLevel <=50) {write the bonus part here} else {dispbottom "sorry, only players with level 50 and below can use this"}
  11. Elijah23


    so is this project still ongoing? @nanakiwurtz
  12. Wow, thanks for this, but how come I'm uploading a zip file for the npc but it's not working at all. After I press submit file and it uploads nothing happens. No msg at all appears if it's successful or any error after uploading the archive.
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