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  1. Hi, Im having trouble compiling rathena. I have changed distros from Debian 10, Pop os, Debian 11. All are having these errors. Can someone point out what might be the problem? gcc version is 10.x.x. I have also downgraded my gcc to 5.x and 7, but for some reason debian won't let me do it. errors everywhere.
  2. @yuchininYes: each and every character all can have different arrays to their desires AND it is attached to them permanently. I've tried @Stolao's suggestion, In my char_reg_num table, I've noticed the multiple same values under KEY but under INDEX, they're being numbered. Is this how array being registered in the database? If it is, then I guess my questions are answered.
  3. Hmmm, should've made myself clearer. Sorry. What I actually wanted is that the character has the ability to choose what value to set for each value on the the array. For example: The character chooses on a menu the value "2" on the an array "arrayname[0]", then chooses again "3" on arrayname[1], 1 on arrayname[2], and so on... Then it will attach to the char: arrayname[0], 2, 3, 1,..... Is it possible? And how do I call that values attach to the char? So the NPC will say: You chose values 2, 3 ,1, so on....
  4. Hey guys, am here again! A short question: Is there a way to attach an array to a character permanently? And how do you call each variable?
  5. @Tokei Yes! Totally using this. Thanks guys!
  6. I got it to work guys. I just put the function script inside the npc script: prontera,153,193,6 script Fake_Npc 123,{ function Fake_Func; function Fake_Func { <code> } } And that's it, it worked!
  7. Hello guys! I hope you all a good day! So I want a Npc to display(dispbottom or mes command) a certain variable on an array BASED on the permanent value attached on the character. Here's the fake short version of my script: function script Fake_Func { dispbottom "Test"; dispbottom ""+.tmenu$[getd(Var1)]+""; end; } prontera,153,193,6 script Fake_Npc 123,{ menu ""+.tmenu$[1]+"",-, ""+.tmenu$[2]+"",T1, "Info",T2; Var1 = 1; end; T1: Var1 = 2; end; T2: Fake_Func; OnInit: setarray .tmenu$[1],"Dog","Cat"; } When the char chooses "Dog" in the menu, 1 will be registered to "Var1". And when the char chooses "Info" in the menu, I want it to display the word "Dog" on the bottom. The getd command ain't helping me. Please help me guys! Thank you!!
  8. Ohh okay got it. Thank you again for the great script @Stolao!
  9. @Stolao Hello sir! Great script! Questions: Does this affects all characters even in the same account? I kinda like to have it 1 char per account. And what happens if the character logged in the 1st day, missed 2nd day, then logs in the 3rd day? My ability in scripting is kinda minimal, so its hard for me to read the script.teehee. Thank you sir!
  10. @Ai4rei Thanks for replying sir!(a fan of you here.teehee) Yes, I meant the NPC, the ones you enter from a map to the next map. And yes, I intend to edit only the color and the texture. Is it somewhere in the data.grf? I can't seem to find it. @Ai4rei Found it! Thank you sir!
  11. Hello guys! So I want to edit the sprite(or is it model?) of the Warp Portal. Is it possible? If so, where is it located? And how do I do it? Thank you!
  12. I will try that. Thank you. I will update you about it.
  13. Greeting! Does anybody know how to modify the / help(slash help, not @help) command? Because mine is showing unreadable characters. And how do you disable it when a character log ins?
  14. Good day everyone! I've been at this for hours already and finally got pissed. Here's my problem: I can't get to char selection menu. Always rejected from server. My ragexe: 2013-07-03aRagexe.exe mmo.h = #define PACKETVER 20130703 packet_db.txt = packet_db_ver: default (and tried changing to 42) char_athena.conf = login_ip: char_ip: map_athena.conf = char_ip: map_ip: (wanted to test first) subnet_athena.conf = subnet: clientinfo.xml = with these settings I always get rejected from server error cant even get to char selection. Sometimes it says the "unregistered ID" thing when I change the langtype to whatever. btw, im using windows 8.1 Thank you all! All fixed and running!
  15. Thanks AnnieRuru, it worked!
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