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  1. zecabaleiro


    Looking for a person responsible for implementing Star Wars + Sprites class like Ragnaforce (https://ragnaforce.com/) Send pm.
  2. There were modifications in X, some is 2, others are 3 and some are 0. So I don't have the same work again.. I would like to know if there is a "ctrl + v" to paste to the rest. I want to copy the correction from image 1 to the rest. Corrected form: Uncorrected:
  3. @Tokei Thank you from the heart. one last question.. I made changes to the left side frame as print.. is there how I copy this to the rest? copy up, left, right etc
  4. @Haziel @Tokei Could someone tell me what is the parameter of the "mirror" option? Parameter Example: int x = -12;
  5. "Olá, sou administrador do pbGO. Não sei nem mesmo lógica de programação, assumi um servidor e estou pedindo ajuda no rAthena porque não sei de merda nenhuma." Nível BR de servidores se resume a você Guerra, risos
  6. +1 que comprou AerialsRO e fica pedindo ajuda, comédia! compra emulador e vem pedir ajuda em fórum, é rir pra nao chorar
  7. @w0wZukuBg Good job, how can I talk to you?
  8. @w0wZukuBg Awesome! I love your maps and projects, do you intend to negotiate them?
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