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  1. Hello! Check this item: https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=668&ird=0 It's similar to what you want.
  2. It does not have support to this client date yet. @Hyroshima @PsyzThis feature is still in development and not available in the release versions. Important: Since @Normynator is kinda busy with other important activities in his life the development of PaintInBlack is paused. You can still access its discord, keep updated and ask questions in there. I will let the project's discord link below. Correct me if i'm wrong, Normy!>.< Norm's projects discord: https://discord.gg/r3rvGXR
  3. I guess it's the new Land Protector behavior. It did receive some changes after renewall. Update to the latest rAthena and use the option i've pushed at https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/58e82dc14978461268352c3db04a5965ad75d240 Just ignore me if you're not talking about it.
  4. Hello! Have you tried running the Setup as administrator? Also, maybe you're using a broken build/version of Setup which is not compatible with your client. About the other issues, I can only recommend using latest version of NEMO.
  5. Have you tried @allskills? Are you sure you have mastered Gypsy skills? It might be related to Luafiles issue...
  6. Hello! Please, instead of keep spamming "up" could you detail more about the issue? Are you using rAthena latest version? Did you make any custom source modification that could have impact on it? Did you consider trying with a non GM account? What client version are you using? Are you using Pre-renewal or Renewal? You need to provide every information about your problem so we can help you.
  7. Hello! You must provide more details so we can help. Did you check the skill conditions? (Target should be in the same party, have 10 or 15 levels difference between caster and user, etc) What other skills cannot be used? May you quick list all of them?
  8. Hello everyone, A new Paint in Black update is here! New Version v19.8.30 is now available and can be found here: https://github.com/Normynator/PaintItBlack/releases/tag/v19.8.30 It includes the Discord Addon, a in-game guide for all PiB commands/features and some fixes. All the instructions can be found on the link above and on the @Normynator project channel on discord. Norm's projects discord: https://discord.gg/r3rvGXR If you need any support, please feel free to join the discord. We can support everyone more quickly in there. Best,
  9. In order to help @Normynator's project and those who need support, I've made a quick video guide to help you all with "Adding a custom logo" functionality. Also, a FAQ topic was created on discord and we will be adding guides so we can cover all the issues. Please, tell us if you have any question or issue. Norm's projects discord: https://discord.gg/r3rvGXR Adding custom logo guide.mp4
  10. I might be mistaken but the job name translation is now hard coded in 2018+ clients instead of reading from a lua file. About the status icon and skills translations, it's possible to edit by editting lua files.
  11. Hello, everyone. I kindly recommend everyone who is interested in PiB project to join @Normynator discord so you can get faster updates/feedback/support about the developments. Also, a Client Compatibility Request Channel is now created in there! We will be moving those requests/support from here to this channel in order to make it easier to @Normynator to support those client. If you would like a client date support, please feel free to suggest it in the discord channel; If it's already suggested by other user, kindly UPVOTE it and you will be already helping the client to be supported. Norm's projects discord: https://discord.gg/r3rvGXR Thanks!
  12. Hello, loolp. It's recommended that you report the possibles issues registering a new issue into the rAthena github. Also, please get more details about those issues before doing so. Details like: Client date you are using, possible modifications that might cause the issues and how to reproduce each of them. It will makes way easier to the community to help with the solutions. Registering a new issue quick guide: Step 1: Open https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues link. Step 2: Click in "New Issue" buttom and then fill the form. IMPORTANT: Read the instructions written in the description before overwritting it.
  13. O map-server mostra algum log de erro com o script?
  14. SandroRios

    Error Source

    Did you make any source modification ? It seems like you've made modifications and it's just to warn you that something is not okay. Also, read what the console is telling you. It's easy to see that something is not right on battle.c line 7632.
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