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    Error Source

    Did you make any source modification ? It seems like you've made modifications and it's just to warn you that something is not okay. Also, read what the console is telling you. It's easy to see that something is not right on battle.c line 7632.
  2. The emotion is related to the @NPC_EMOTION skill from monsters. Some of them use it when looting or chasing or even idle. Maybe if you comment the skill ( from mob_skill_db ) might solve your problem.
  3. Hi there, Community. After a long time i decided to start a new Project on rathena and got trapped when installing and setting everything up. The server can be turned on manually ( executing char_server.bat, login_server.bat and map_server.bat ), but i got something i've never see when executing the Runserver.bat. So my question is: Did i make everything wrong or is it some bug that have to be fixed? Issue description: Runserver.bat is not running the login, char and map .server bat files properly. Occurring in the latest rathena version; Windows 10; When executing the runserver.bat images below.
  4. In src > map > skill.hpp, search for MAX_SKILLUNITGROUP. It's set for 25 in the official release, which allow a player to land 25 skill units on the ground at the same time. If a 26th is casted, the last one landed will disappear. Since rAthena fixed the source issue related to it i guess it's fine. I can't double check if this is enough cause i'm not at home right now reply me later if not.
  5. I solved my problem modifying the max ground skills unit at rAthena source. Since each meteor counts as an unit, you need to change the max unit limit for ground skills so it won't cap the meteors when you spam it.
  6. About the value i'm using. As my server is a Golden times low rate with custom modifications and implementations, i've configured it to 35 meteor's falling at the same time since the cast in my server is not that fast so players aren't able to spam more than 5 meteor storm skill . If you intend to allow players to cast faster, you should look for a higher value, like 50 or even more. Just balance it according to your server info
  7. Check out my post : You can see the comparisons i've made with rAthena and Hercules emulator. Some code lines may be diferente since the emulator's are not equal but you may be able to solve your problem as I did
  8. I have experienced this "issue" before. Just check the max floor cells range for the meteor storm skill. Normally it's 30, so if more than 30 meteor's are landed, next meteor's will start to cancel previously one's and then you have no damage at all. So, just increase the range and you'll be fine.
  9. Hi there. I apologize in advance if it isn't the right place to post it. My question is about the interface in cliente 2015. I will be posting a screenshot so you guys can see and I would like to know how can i solve this. Is it a cliente problem related or I can edit it? If so, how can I do that? Thanks in advance . Solved: It's the msgstringtable.txt inside grf. Mine was outdated.
  10. So, i did check every single code line you sent me and they are all fine. everything exactly how you sent me and still having this problem. Should i delete my rAthena server and build it again? I really do not understand why it's happening =(
  11. Yeah, according to my MAX_SKILLTIMERSKILL it should work well but it's not; How can i set up my client to shows UNT_DUMMYSKILL? Just tell me exactly what code you just want and i'll show you. I built that rAthena server this year with the latest git version.Is it possible to it to have an older implementation of that skill? D:
  12. Hello everyone again I had already brought up this issue but seemed like it was not clear so i'm posting it again with some videos i did record and i'll explain again what's the issue. [Issue information] [Pre-renewall] Meteor storm is supposed to stack when you spam it but somehow, on rAthena emulator, it starts to cancel previously Meteor's when you spam. In short, you can only spam the skill 4 times because when you use it the fifth time, the first skill will be canceled. Also, as the skills get canceled when you spam, it will mostly deal NO damage if you spam very quickly. Check it out on the video. rAthena Meteor Storm Part 1 rAthena Meteor Storm Part 2 Also, to compare and show you guys how should it work, i recorded a video on the HerculesWS emulator. Notice I use the skill right side and then spam it left side and even spamming, the meteor's keep falling until the end of the skill duration. Check it out in the next video: Hercules emulator Meteor storm behavior db/pre-re/skill_cast_db.txt db/pre-re/skill_db.txt That's all. I've been trying to solve it but no success so i'm here to ask you all for help. [Important] I'm not sure if it's the right section to post that kind of issue so my apologizes if it's not. Thanks in advance
  13. Using the first structure i can get the correct numbers of meteors by the skill level, but when i spam it, i'll just deal no damage because they start cutting off after the fourth skill cast. And using the new adjustment you send me, the numbers are just messed up..
  14. Now it only drop 1 meteor at any skill level. ( lv 10 skill should drop 7 meteor's )