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  1. Akace

    Insurgent Version

    so it's just that I wanted to work on the rebellion episode with no further additions or expansions, say, so I can have a limit on the settings.
  2. Does anyone have any version of the emulator when they launched the insurgent? Alguém tem alguma versão do emulador de quando lançou o insurgente ?
  3. Akace

    Error Source

    Hello, I was testing the instances and when I closed the client and went to verify the map-server I came across the following error as shown image, it did not disturb me at all, did not give errors, bugs or anything, but as it is in source I decided to ask you, does anyone know what it is? Olá estava testando as instancias e quando fechei o client e fui verificar o map-server me deparei com o seguinte erro conforme mostra imagem, o mesmo não me atrapalhou em nada, não deu erros, bugs ou algo do tipo, mas como é na source resolvi perguntar a vocês, alguém sabe o que é ?
  4. Deu certo, apenas comentei "//" nesta linha: It worked, I just said "//" in this line: de: SignBoardList = { para: //SignBoardList = {
  5. Deu certo, usei a Pasta do "Zackdreaver" obrigado a todos. It worked, I used the "Zackdreaver" folder, thanks to everyone. @EDIT: O problema agora é que mesmo editado os arquivos, ele não altera o texto. @EDIT: The problem now is that even if you edited the files, it does not change the text. @EDIT²: Solved @EDIT²: Resolvido
  6. Bom, vou baixar e ver o que possa ser feito, creio que irei precisar de uma data nova, se tiver um link agradeço. I'm going to download and see what can be done, i think i'll need a new date if i have a thank you link.
  7. Ok, but this client does it work well with the kro date updated here in the forum? ok, mas esse cliente funciona com a pasta kro atualizada aqui do forum ?
  8. hi guys, i'm using a hexed 2018-06-20 with a data kro update, mas this hexed don't read the file "questid2display" and get this error, i already changed files in luafiles, quest's and other and continue like this. Sorry my bad english, i m brazilian.....
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