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  1. try update your ragnarok client with rsu
  2. chekc yor css file in theme folder
  3. you need script https://rathena.org/board/topic/106020-last_ip-limit/
  4. Akbare


    delete your item_db2 table and import item_db2 again
  5. Akbare

    Website news

    open eADevConfig.php change your forum rsslink
  6. Akbare

    Website news

    check your link rss and paste to browser and use the front word, login with admin ID and check your Rss
  7. just edit IP lan [ for server and clientinfo xml ]
  8. Start server with LOG text -------------------------- ./athena-start start >> athena.txt 2>&1 & check athena.txt in your root server folder
  9. excute mysql table and add this script for your server npc
  10. error in your console indicates that the username you are using does not work check again, may be something wrong there
  11. add username and password in your login table and use gender ' S ' for system username and password must same in your 2nd server [ char and map ]
  12. try opening a firewall for IP VPS on the webserver and do not forget to do the settings in the webserver controlpanel under IP VPS may do remote / allow remote database
  13. all IP in flux CP use database IP host machine noted : webhost IP registered to access your mysql database sorry im bad for english language
  14. maybe you can update your PHP version
  15. maybe you can allow web hosting IP to remote on database machine and setting in servers.php 'Hostname' => 'use database machine', 'Username' => 'your mysql user', 'Password' => 'your mysql password', 'Database' => 'your mysql ragnarok database',
  16. Akbare


    https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/4bb6aa13a057d20159028634e65ef0219e9a6472/conf/battle/player.conf Kyknya harus jadi vip dulu tuh // Gemstone requirement. // Can the VIP Group ignore Gemstone requirement for skills? // 0 = Disable // 1 = Behave like Mistress Card // 2 = Remove all gemstone requirements (default) vip_gemstone: 2
  17. disable packet encryption in your hexed diff