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  1. No, weight is working like % more weight = more chance
  2. I recommend you to use this function
  3. with 2020 clients mostly you cant change servicetype, keep it korea anyway you still can change langtype
  4. diff "Increase Zoom Out Max" patch
  5. https://rathena.org/board/topic/122382-2nd-floor-of-izlude-academy-map-issue/
  6. change your client to newer version
  7. I want to set maximum of Ignore Defense, Ignore MDEF e.g. Blacksmith's Gloves that give 50% Ignore Defense normally if player using 2 of these gloves player will get 100% ignore defense bonus but I want to set limit for it for example 70% so no matter how much bonus players get from items it will be maximum at 70% Thanks
  8. while(1) { waitingroom "Status: "+( (getmapusers(.yourmap$) == 0)?"No Player":"Having Player"),0; sleep 1000; delwaitingroom; }
  9. Delete these lines in your 2dlayerdir_f.lub
  10. is it Garment(Wings) or Headgear ? if it's Garment then you need to follow Garment adding guide they're not working the same
  11. update your client's iteminfo in your RO-folder/System/
  12. that's normal behavior and I dont think dev gonna change that
  13. It should be in msgstringtable.txt too..
  14. for text you can find it in msgstringtable.txt and change it like you want
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