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  1. If I want to increase attack animation while on max atkspd 190. does this do the trick by deducting the "1000"? seems like even setting the source to pre renewal, 190 is a bit slower than before? may @Poring King and @Cyro can help?
  2. Hi does, anyone have a script or knows how to script, a toggle able summer2 costume or changelook? Similar to Cool Summer Suit = but not a rental and is a summer2 oufit Basically, equip to change costume, unequip to remove costume.
  3. kevinyrchua


    Does anyone knew the reason why it kept on showing, no one is vending? I used this script below... @Shinto maybe you can help?
  4. Just noticed, I do need to press "shift" with "Alt" for the Alt+1 to work.... does anyone know why that's happening?
  5. @Deadly Brothers were you able to get the script working? may you share your end script?
  6. ahhh hmm,, does that mean you could only touch the npc if you are within 10,10 cell radius of the npc?
  7. Have anyone experienced this before? suddenly I'm not able to use any of my alt + 1-0 keys. then whenever I try to re add this keybind to the Macro tab it says Unable to specify a single Key whenever I hit ALT.
  8. I think I have successfully applied all custom files, kindly verify what am I missing? I do crash whenever the client applies to the character or Alt+Q view. Wondering what could be missing? item in inventory, drop, and description is okay. just everytime I equip the item crashes, or in character select view (I use lua and on a 2015 client) I tried following multiple video guides and seems like i got them all. except for doing the itemresname itemdescription files thinking that it can be done in iteminfo.lua Apologies, just got back from creating a server again after 7 years..
  9. If that's the way I plan to do it, should i just then use the RE translation, and just modify my iteminfo to PRE-RE? well ofcourse the itemdb.
  10. I actually am, but the thing is that I've intentionally merged the iteminfo of PRE and RE the reason that I'm running a PRE-RE server and wanting the RE items for costumes and other sprites, both of chris' files. I'm thinking that kRO that I've downloaded off RMS doesn't have these sprites, but chris' have em on the data folder for the collection/item/iteminfo... what do you think?
  11. Hi! I've recently added 11Chris11's sprite compilations from iRO kRO twRO jRO due to that I'm missing allot of sprites from the translation that I got, It did recover let's say 70% of the sprites, that's fine as of the moment, but I've been figuring out if I am missing character sprites and not textures. when equipped nothing shows, do you think I have the item sprite already and have not generated the sprite to come out by missing to add the resname on some txt files? or well basically how can I fix this. thanks! happens on some headgears too, not just robe costumes.
  12. thank you for this, gained few more sprites from merging these data's, still missing heaps tho. do we have a place to get specific sprite? EX: poring beret. weird that im missing this..
  13. @buraquera sorry for the very very late reply, just been doing other things than this. so I tried the script but only gives the Junk. please see the code i made. function script Get_MysteryBox { // If the summ != 100, Junk item is activated and has the difference in chance (45% in this example) set [email protected], 19578; // Apple setarray [email protected],19543,19525,31171,19620,19527,19733,20057; setarray [email protected][1],1,10,25,40,55,70,95; // The difference from the previous number is the chance. So Item 5979 has a (10-6 = 4%chance) set [email protected],rand(1,100); for ([email protected] =1; [email protected] <= getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected]++){ if ([email protected] <= [email protected][[email protected]]){ getitem [email protected][[email protected]]; if (([email protected][[email protected]]- [email protected][[email protected]])) <6) announce "A rare item has been created",bc_all; end; } } getitem [email protected],1; //Get apple end; }
  14. is this better to be merged with data.grf or rdata.grf? or another option to merge all of them and make a single grf for chris' sprites? what's the best option I don't mind adding all official sprites
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