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  1. my quests keeping on part 2, what should i do?
  2. still with no fix, im having the same problem @Akkarin can you help?
  3. well, i want to add the fafnir scale on my server but im tired of searching and getting nowhere so i have to ask, how i do for my fafnir scale stop beign a apple?, i mean the item have the effects working fine but its a apple with no description someone can help me?
  4. So im using the chained emistry script and i dont understand why the npc makes the quest 1 and when i finished the quest 2 the npc says to me do to it again but i scripted to have like 7 quests, anyone can find something on my script? cause i dont understand that much and i dont found anything about it chains.txt
  5. why my npc doesn't show up? i already set the .txt and nothing changes
  6. my machine slot its costing only "to play" im trying to change all the costs and nothing works
  7. how do i change the rates of dropped items?, like i want to add a +9 weap perga with 00,01% chance
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