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  1. if you're looking for staff members, count me in!
  2. Hi, its either the sprite in the Grimtooth Weapon only supports the right hand or you have to modify the VIEW ID: of it on the item_db and change it to dagger? i'm not sure. somehow it might be a client side troubleshoot when you put to daggers of the same ID with a sprite and actually converts to a one handed sword.
  3. Its possible, just edit out a moving npc script but have atleast 2-3 cells apart but same coordination.
  4. check your item script.
  5. This is a matter of spriting not script.
  6. Promeister


    Hey, send me the resource i'll edit them out for you
  7. Most the equips that were stripped by the client was due to equipment script requiring specific measurements(Blvl,Job etc..) so if you want to fully remove this I suggest manually overwriting every equipment that has a job requirement and level requirement. That way whenever you rebirth your equips will automatically retain.
  8. Hi, Anyone willing to list out the filenames of all the ".bmp" i need to change for all the basic interfaces. I found a few but the one i'm struggling to find right now is the main background of the pop-up message.
  9. I'm trying to find it everywhere in the data.grf but i can't seem to locate it. any here got any idea where it is ? it would be a big help for me thank you !
  10. How about in the " afterskill " ? is it the same ? do i need to make another row for it to trigger ?
  11. Hi Thanks again for another clear reply so if i want multiple skill ID's should i make another process or just add ID's in the val1,val2,val3... ?
  12. I'm glad for the fast reply ! so in no.5 if its about chain skills, i'll just put in the condition value the SKILLID that's been used before it happened ? this is also a related question in no.4.
  13. Can anyone tell me a much more broad explanations about the conditions in mobs ? The texts at are highlighted as red are the ones i'm somewhat confused about.. CONDITION: // always Unconditional (no condition value). // onspawn When mob spawns/respawns (no condition value). // myhpltmaxrate When mob's HP drops to the specified %. // myhpinrate When mob's HP is in a certain % range (condition value = lower bound, val1 = upper bound). // mystatuson If mob has the specified abnormality in status. // mystatusoff If mob has ended the specified abnormality in status. // friendhpltmaxrate When mob's friend's HP drops to the specified %. // friendhpinrate When mob's friend's HP is in a certain % range (condition value = lower bound, val1 = upper bound). // friendstatuson If friend has the specified abnormality in status. // friendstatusoff If friend has ended the specified abnormality in status. // attackpcgt When attack PCs become greater than specified number. // attackpcge When attack PCs become greater than or equal to the specified number. // slavelt When number of slaves is less than the original specified number. // slavele When number of slaves is less than or equal to the original specified number. // closedattacked When close range melee attacked (no condition value). // longrangeattacked When long range attacked, ex. bows, guns, ranged skills (no condition value). // skillused When the specified skill is used on the mob. // afterskill After mob casts the specified skill. // casttargeted When a target is in cast range (no condition value). // rudeattacked When mob is rude attacked (no condition value). The thing here is that, i'm not sure what to put on the condition values cause its not specifically detailed. Thank you and Godbless in advance to whom that might reply to this topic ^,^ [Edit] I've viewed the mob_skill_db.txt and majority of the row processes doesn't use the state:" any ". is it because the scripts on the mobs need to be direct to what every row processes should be ? Please answer. Thanks =)
  14. I'll ask the admin of my server if he can try to modify it. have you tried it ? xD
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