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  1. if you're looking for staff members, count me in!
  2. Hi, its either the sprite in the Grimtooth Weapon only supports the right hand or you have to modify the VIEW ID: of it on the item_db and change it to dagger? i'm not sure. somehow it might be a client side troubleshoot when you put to daggers of the same ID with a sprite and actually converts to a one handed sword.
  3. Its possible, just edit out a moving npc script but have atleast 2-3 cells apart but same coordination.
  4. check your item script.
  5. This is a matter of spriting not script.
  6. Promeister


    Hey, send me the resource i'll edit them out for you
  7. Most the equips that were stripped by the client was due to equipment script requiring specific measurements(Blvl,Job etc..) so if you want to fully remove this I suggest manually overwriting every equipment that has a job requirement and level requirement. That way whenever you rebirth your equips will automatically retain.