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  1. Okay, thank you for the answers. I might start to rent a server host an put everything online. Gonna keep you up-to-date
  2. Hello rAthena, after a pretty long time with a lot of my old Ragnarok Server Files on my Computer I'm thinking about opening a new Server. My Question is: Are people still playing SHR Servers with lots of customization? I always had an offline Server with lots of Custom Items, Quests, PVP Scripts, WoE Edits and so on made by myself which took a lot of time to create. My offline Server is like 80% ready to play , I just need a few more customizations done and it'll be ready to play, but I don't want to start hosting it without people being interested in SHR Servers like mine. Just to show you what I mean I have a Screenshot for you guys here: I want my Server to be a PRE-RE Server with 999/255 Levels, everything 4 slots except Shields 2 slots, a lot of custom items, custom cards etc. Are people still searching for something like this?
  3. Hello rAthena Community, I have a big Problem on my Server. When I login and use Skills like "Storm Gust", "Meteor Storm", "Fire Wall", "Lord of Vermilion" etc. I get disconnected from the Server. I am using the 2014-02-05 Client, and Packetver "46" in Clientinfo.xml. Moreover I compiled the Server for the 2014-02-05 Client. When I use the Skills, I get this Error Message on my Map Server: Could someone please help me? Thank you!