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  1. i cant change lvl 99 to 500 me change server to mapbattle.c Open srcmapbattle.c and look for this line of code: { "max_lv"' date=' &battle_config.max_lv, 99, 0, [i']127[/i], Change 127 to the maximum value you wish to set for your server i.e. { "max_lv", &battle_config.max_lv, 99, 0, 1000, This limits the accepted values of max_lv in confbattleclient.conf [edit]mapmap.h Open srcmapmap.h and look for this line of code: #define MAX_LEVEL 150 Change 99 to your desired maximum value, i.e. #define MAX_LEVEL 1000 change in my server but dont work and change this conf/client.conf
  2. hiiiiiiiii rathina can you help me I made an egg, a beast of ifrit It works well Help me beat other players But its hits on the players miss How to make a strong egg hit can you help me thinkes rathina
  3. hiiiiiiiii rathina I want to develop+ 30 weapons can you make thins npc olaze help thinkes
  4. hiiii rathina help to me how to make a monster act and spr I want to explain the beginning of making How to make a monster like this thinks for rathina
  5. can i help you The site works within the hosting...............Out for hosting does not work
  6. I need the number 19 but there is a black screen I want a solution so please help
  7. can you make script item Refine +30 plaze help refiner20.txt
  8. hi rathina can you help me change script I want to change the job all the time can you help me plaze Starter NPC.txt
  9. What do I do to show these tools I do not understand what it means plaz help
  10. I added new tools to show I'm Callanit 20120410 The previous tools appear but new ones do not show what the solution is
  11. how can you make server ragnarok 2 online rathina can you help you
  12. marcorogeeh


    I'm sorry I do not speak English nop Is it possible to work npc player against a player betting the first pay 10 Tg Card and the second pay 10 Tg Card and win in the challenge wins 20 TG Card
  13. Is it possible to help? I want to change points to TGCard
  14. The player is riding any monster like ifrit wowowowo can you make this script thinkes rathina
  15. This npc works but I want to add Choose only one monster I do not want more monsters to give me just one monster and add skill monster and Do not die can you maik this npc Thanks Aratina vind.txt
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