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Status Updates posted by Maki

  1. =D

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    2. Maki


      Ruined my innocence! D:::

    3. jTynne


      You fcking love it, don't lie. /rice

    4. Maki


      Now I must change my status :<

  2. Maki

    Did not notice, looks like some old members from eAthena are joining again =p

  3. Hohoho Hi MasterEx

  4. Shinryooooooooooooooooo tell us your status :D

  5. Forgot how to do a status update. Only took me a few minutes to figure out :D

  6. Maki

    Here lies Brian... /me prays

  7. y u never on rstaff :< gib msn pls

    1. Eurydice


      [email protected]

      I'm busy with everything. I'll get on tonight when I get off work. :<

      MAKE A DAMNED FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. I'm on it 24/7. :P

    2. Brian


      I think the link is in IRC chat logs, around Sun Apr 08 search for "Here's the cool version of the photo I sent jguy".

    3. Maki


      HOW DARE YOU TELL THEM THAT! I need to ask my sister or cousins for my FB password if they still have it

  8. oooo y u rated 2 star pichu

    1. Mystery



  9. Noob

    1. Syouji


      ◄ Rewinds ...

      Syouji → Maki


  10. You took my name but added a 'h'!

    1. Team Infamous

      Team Infamous

      Sorry bout that..but that was may name even Own Server and in eAthena.

      Hehehehe..mine was way better thought..ahahaha Joke.

    2. Maki
  11. Happy Birthday!

    1. Dinze


      Happy birthday! /o/

    2. Fanfare


      Thank you! :) Really appreciate it.

  12. Maki

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Finally finished the forum group icons =[

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    2. Maki


      I even added them for you and changed your colour! *eyes burn*

      night =p

    3. Mystery


      Gosh this is an old comment! Update your status man!

    4. Maki
  14. Hello, are you sick? D:

  15. Maki

    First friend =]

    1. Brian


      Second friend =]

  16. I started work on your panel design! Not sure what to put for links and such so I will just make it up as I go along =]

    1. Mercurial


      Yey! thats very good news I'm excited :D, yes please just imagine stuff :D awesome stuff!!! XD

  17. Maki

    I cannot see the entire image, what anime is that =p

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    2. Maki


      -Fated To Love You is probably my most favourite, it is everything! Very very heart-breaking but then great happiness! XD It was so sad that I had to stop watching it for a month LOL.

      -Full House = funny and romantic

      -Bullfighting = basketball, funny, romantic

      -Heading to the Ground = soccer, very funny, romantic

      Every single drama has romance in it =p but these are all very very amazing ones =]! Bullfighting also has great music! but I cannot choos...

    3. Yuki


      Got to spare some time for all of these then <3. Thanks for the great recommendations!

      Just need to finish my exams first haha XD.

    4. Maki


      Ever finish/watch any?

  18. Too many Aquarings =p

  19. I am disappointed I do not see a background =p

  20. F11 for the ever-amazing Garu :D

  21. Playing around with Profile

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