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    Hi Guys, Its been a long time since I visit here. Sup guys!
  2. Sound's rude. I think it's not possible.
  3. Question about the Policy Im kind of confused: Your Policy: Creative Commons
  4. Wow Im giving @Rayhan +1 for having the patience of copying every contents including the advertisements -1 for totally ripping the content that yC made with his full effort.
  5. Popular Control Panels: FluxCP Ceres New Control Panel: Triton Control Panel It depends on how you will integrate it.
  6. ToiletMaster has been banned bacause he praised Masao's sentence and Im jealous of it
  7. ToiletMaster has been banned because his avatar has a pervert on it
  8. ToiletMaster has been banned because he lives in ToiletNation
  9. technoriot01 has been banned for having a crying baby in his avatar
  10. hmm adjust your monitor brightness?
  11. A script command like: Zeny 100000
  12. Is this project going to have a new script commands? Clan Hyuga
  13. I think you should use the hash based url ( http://www.ro.com/index.php#register ) when loading pages coz for me its annoying when you refresh a page, I need to click the register button again but with the help of the hash you can know what page that the user last visited.
  14. Merry Christmas to All of you.
  15. How this Auction System works?
  16. I think Timezone for Philippines is Asia/Manila
  17. Check the links of the images, javascript and css
  18. I think in MyISAM transaction does not work while in InnoDB it works
  19. File Name: Login Screen Slicer File Submitter: JayPee File Submitted: 23 Dec 2011 File Category: Spriting & Paletting Tools This is a login slicer for you to create your own login screen. This program is not developed by me. The 800x600 Iam missing that one Click here to download this file
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