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  1. Hi rathena members, i'm starting a new server something serious and i want anyone interested in helping me with the server help me. I will handle all the funding, vps, domains, host, advertising, everything! So anyone who thinks that can contribute to make a really cool server please pm me or email me at [email protected]
  2. I'm using 2012-04-10 from judas post and i diffed it to read lua before lub because i want to add custom items and without having read lua be fore lub i couldn't find a way. So now that i patched with read lua before lub i login and everything but when i choose character it says rejected from server. Could someone help me?
  3. I have my server Up and running and it's really good. Now i just posted it to rms and i have around 5~10 players online average, the server has only been up for 2 weeks and well, i was wondering what other places other than RMS and rAthena do you Post your servers to get players?
  4. I can't change the resolution using that one
  5. Hello, i have my rathena server up and working the problem is, i dont know which client files should i use. the ones that i have in the moment aren't good people keep getting disconected from server after a while playing and it's getting annoying. any help choosing right data folder and client? according to my svn version
  6. I have an instance that is working perfectly, my only problem is that when i do instance_warpall "map",x,y; it doesn't work and the players have to manually warp there. Is there any problem with my code heres a part of it.. if (getcharid(1) != 0 ) { set [email protected], instance_create("Lunette Storyline", getcharid(1)); if ([email protected] < 0) { mes "Failed to create instance, contact Admin Player"; close; } if (instance_attachmap("wald_in", [email protected], 1) == "") { instance_destroy([email protected]); mes "Failed to create instance, contact Admin Player"; close; } if (instance_check_party(getcharid(1), 1, 69, 150)) { instance_attach([email protected]); instance_set_timeout(3600, 300, [email protected]); instance_init([email protected]); instance_warpall "wald_in",47,49; end; } else {........................ if i change instance_warpall to warp it works perfectly but only the player who talked to the npc is warped.
  7. at the moment i'm creating an instanced quest, so the thing is that the instance works just fine but when someone else tries to create another instance they crash and get the error that aev_fil.rsw is not found but the map is actually called aev_fild01 so what's wrong?
  8. How do i make a mob generate an event on killed ??
  9. I'm trying to make a script that each time you kill the monster with the id 1769 on the map aev_fild01 the server adds the amount of kills to a character variable.I tried doing it this way. -<tab>script<tab>-1,{ OnNPCKillEvent: <tab>doSomething; } But it doesn't work, could you guys help me
  10. This is the website of my upcoming server, please rate the design thanks.http://retributionro.net
  11. Hello i'm trying to download latest ragnarok files so I can use for my rathena server, but the website I used to use long ago ragray.net is no longer available. What is the best place to download them apart from nickzay servers
  12. I'd like to see all the items that the user has so they can select it , if it's an equipment know its slots refine and cards on it
  13. Is there any way i can give an item to an npc so i can store the item in a char variable, for example i talk to the npc and drag the item to some place so that npc can gather information about it? or should just list all the items the user has on the inventory?
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