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  1. You can trigger it using OnPCLoadMapEvent, take note you should set the mapflag also so it can trigger the event label.
  2. I like this script thank you and congrats for the promotion. So in this case, i'll need to disable the DEFAULT mvp script in rAthena? So i just tested ingame it needs to disable those default MvP. since each MvP places has been duplicated for 2. so it needs to disabled. Yes, you will have to remove the MVP spawns. Glad you liked it.
  3. New Release in appreciation for my Helper badge. Auto PVP ON and PVP OFF on MVP Maps while MVPs are alive. Please follow the instructions properly. PLEASE USE BOTH FILES AT THE SAME TIME, ELSE YOU WILL GET ERRORS OnMVPDead: http://pastebin.com/vLV0UPir Boss Spawns: http://pastebin.com/FzZdAE68
  4. Check your guild folder and the agit_controller.txt Do not disable it lol, just remove the time there and you should be set.
  5. You can try to trim down all your scripts when it's almost WoE time and see if it still gets flooded. IF it still gets flooded, then somebody's having fun DDoS'ing you.
  6. Pirate lol, anyways go pick VS 2010, its free now no need to keep pirating stuff xD
  7. I think you'll have to add it as a custom job or replace either santa suit or summer suit?
  8. OnNPCKillEvent: if ( getmonsterinfo( killedrid, 22 ) ) { if( getmonsterinfo( killedrid, 1) <= 74 ) getitembound 7539,1,1; if( getmonsterinfo( killedrid, 1) > 74 && getmonsterinfo( killedrid, 1) <= 89) getitembound 7589,2,1; if( getmonsterinfo( killedrid, 1) > 89 ) getitembound 7539,5,1; } end; Not tested.
  9. set @nmp, query_sql "SELECT * FROM `no_multi_map` WHERE `u_id` = "+ @lud +" AND `hasClient` = 1 AND `mapname` = "+ @map$+""; Try
  10. First Part set [email protected]_player$,rid2name(killedrid); for(set [email protected],0;[email protected] < getarraysize(@killed_player$);[email protected]++){ set @killed_player$[[email protected]], [email protected]_player$; set @kill_count[[email protected]], @kill_count[[email protected]] + 1; } Second Part Don't forget to use OnPCKillEvent label for(set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize(@killed_player$);[email protected]++){ if(@killed_player[[email protected]] == [email protected]_player && @kill_count[[email protected]] >= .feed_limit){ dispbottom "You have killed "[email protected]_player$+" too many times. Kill not counted."; end; } }
  11. Though, I think the point of that was the quest sharing of the hunting missions? I'm not too sure.
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