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  1. Getting errors using the Custom Shield Patch. My Client Date: 2010-07-21
  2. Bump
  3. That would not allow use of character names again. Hell need to do a (several) SQL query, on Mobile so can't write out. I don't exactly know what SQL queries I'm gonna run though XD Account ID: - 2000005 Character IDs: - 1500042 - 1500443 - 1500906 - 1500907 - 1500908 - 1500910 - 1500961 - 1501802 - 1502838 - 1503303 - 1503493 - 1504557 Separated Character IDs from a different account: - 1500242 - 1500099
  4. How will I be able to delete a certain account including all the items,characters and etc in it so they can use the Character Names again? Thanks in advance!
  5. I highly recommend Pony VPS Hosting. Why? Support Response & Action Time: 9/10 - Whenever I would like to request for something regarding the server, Pony has always been there to response and act immediately. They don't let their clients get disappointed. Availability: 10/10 - Everyone won't be available 24/7 but even though Pony is on vacation, on work or anything else, you may contact them through their mobile phone will respond quickly. Services Provided: 10/10 - Ever since I've switched to Pony VPS before the first month of my server, I've never had any troubles with them. The server I currently have with them keeps on growing bigger and better. Server is now going 6 Months old. Reliability: 10/10 - Pony VPS services sure are reliable. No downtimes, immediate email notices whenever there will be maintenance in the internap, all informations, credentials and your details are well kept private, and you can really rely on them whenever you're having trouble with something. Affordability: 9/10 - They sure provide great services in such a low cost. Overall rating of Pony VPS for me is around 9.5/10. I'll stay on Pony VPS for as long as they are available. Thank you for letting me use your services!
  6. Where can I find the location of the spr act file of Lex Aeterna or the Cast action of the jobs?
  7. Thank you so much! By the way if I'm using a gepard gameguard, will it allow me to edit the sprite?
  8. Up! Up Up Up Up Up
  9. Like when a Lord Knight has an Owl Baron Card on his Accessory and is spamming Bowling Bash. Whenever the Lex Aeterna procs, there is a bit of action time like he is casting the Lex Aeterna for about .5 seconds.
  10. How will I be able to do that sir?
  11. How to remove the Lex Aeterna's action time? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I would like to request something like a private dead branch room but this is for something else. Lets say it is for hourly room and such. There will be 10 maximum rooms. map is village1-1, village1-2, village1-3 and so on To enter the map, you'll need an item for example 30pcs jellopy. If a room is already occupied, you wont be able to enter of course. The time limit for the room is only 1 hour. Thank you! UP
  13. I guess I should've posted this on source support. Is there a way to fix this?
  14. The map is already set on PVP. Server type is PK UPPPPP