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  1. Need Expanded Super Novice. Or how can I block bodystyle for them? Solved. Edited atcommands.
  2. May-June version. Try to learn skill Mainframe Restructure (Skill ID# 2266, iRO Name: Remodel Mainframe)
  3. 2139,Flame_Thrower,Flame Thrower,4,20000,,2000,,60,,0,0x00000400,63,2,32,,99,0,1,{},{},{}
  4. Pre-Renewal mechanics. Shield Flame Thrower degrease Def whith Mado.
  5. Set flag 1 to item. I had the same problem with flag 9 (cannot be sold to npc)
  6. After new pet system, pet Smokie doesnt give bonus Perfect Hide.
  7. Bug. After server restart, auotrade shops will be for zeny.
  8. Yes it is. But theara atcommands to change auras like @auras 1 1 1
  9. Need NPC, which will sell auras for CashPoints. Or NPC with paid access.
  10. 3TAJIOH


    Can u say plz where and how?)
  11. How can I remove screen shadow effect after using fly wings?
  12. Why hunters do not attack targets if they are behind an obstacle?
  13. @Tiraga have u sold this problem?