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  1. Is this broken? The poring's spawn but when you kill them nothing happens.
  2. Hey guys, a long time ago I saw someone who tried to re-make Dota on Ragnarok. I decided to start a new project, re-making League of Legends on RO. The Idea will be simple, almost like a bg (around 30 minutes of duration) and we will be releasing champions and skins that will be all free (we can have some donations for other stuff, but because of Riot's Legal team we wouldn't be able to charge anything for the game. The idea started with that. I have a fair knowledge in programming and map making but nothing too great so I am looking for people to work with. I'm looking for both free lancers that I'll be paying for work and for people who wants to join the project and make this with me I also found out there is another guy making something similar and I already contacted him to see if we can partner up. If you have skills in: Map Making Making Sprites items/characters Scripting in general specially custom skills And you want to join the team, hit me up!
  3. Does anyone have the files for this, it's saying it was taken down due to DMCA
  4. Is there a way to pass the direction as a parameter that the mob will be facing?
  5. Good Idea, I will take a good look into that tonight and try it. Thank you very much!
  6. X-Eec, I don't think thats the issue, to be honest. I am having the same problem myself, using 800-999 range.
  7. Cara, eu to exatamente com o mesmo problema, por enquanto eu fiz um npc que me da a minha skill, mas já perguntei pra 1 galera de calibre alto do Rathena e ninguem sabe o q é.
  8. So, I have an idea on how to do it, but I'm still getting used to rathena again, so just to check if anyone has something similar before I crack my brain into this. In the cpp file: I want to cast a skill that will spawn a poring, 2 cells from where the caster is, this poring will be frozen and in the second he spawns he will start casting something for 3 seconds (basicly just a timer above his head), after this he will die and a random mob will spawn from a certain array of mobs defined by me. If the poring dies in the middle, nothing will be spawned. I think I will use something like this: If anyone can help me by anymeans or tell me if its impossible, I would be very appreciated. int x = 0, y = 0, i = 0, master = 0; struct map_session_data* pl_sd = NULL; master = sd->bl.id; do { x = sd->bl.x + (rnd() % 10 - 5); y = sd->bl.y + (rnd() % 10 - 5); } while (map_getcell(sd->bl.m, x, y, CELL_CHKNOPASS) && i++ < 10); if (i >= 10) { x = sd->bl.x; y = sd->bl.y; }
  9. Hey guys, I need something for my server. Some Guillotine Crosses from my server want to make a DD CRIT build, but they can't do that because of they have all the skills and as you guys know, double attack decreases the chances of critical attack. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove a skill from those Guillotine Crosses?
  10. See if that helps you, search for offline and you should see the answer.
  11. That might be a good idea. I'm just afraid if it's going to be good. I'll see what I can do. Do you have any idea on how to do a custom full sprite changer equipment?
  12. In your item db, in this case, change 2387,Sprint_Mail,Sprint Mail,4,20,,1000,,20,,1,0x00CFFF80,18,2,16,,70,1,0,{ bonus bVit,1; bonus bHPrecovRate,5; bonus bAddItemHealRate,3; bonus2 bSkillHeal,"AL_HEAL",3; },{},{} for 2387,Sprint_Mail,Sprint Mail,5,20,,1000,,3,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,16,,70,1,0,{ bonus bVit,1; bonus bHPrecovRate,5; bonus bAddItemHealRate,3; bonus2 bSkillHeal,"AL_HEAL",3; },{},{}
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