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  1. Wow.... Imposter .....* again * ==''

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    2. GmOcean


      Well, think about it this way... A scripture is looking for work, but he's not well known yet, so he uses your name to get hired lol.

    3. Emistry


      LOL....and he spoiled it when he cant do it while i can .... or ... over-estimate my ability to script a harder script ...

      or... use my name to scam other users for $$ usually... because last time it happen to me.. >.<

      they hired "Emistry" then paid "Emistry" to work...but "Emistry" doesnt finish the work..and run away ...

      then i am the 1 that get blame.. LOL... >.<

      hope they dont repear the same thing this time....xD

    4. GmOcean


      Lol. Yeah that's what I figured they were doing. Let's hope not. Cuz last thing we need is someone hurting good reputations.

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