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  1. unfortunately my client has already been patched with gepard and I cannot request a repatch at this time. So I must look for some alternative. If you know a guide on how to make that work, I would really appreciate it!
  2. need help, my client have that. how fix?
  3. I just did what you advised and it didn't work.
  4. i used this: Super Saiyan Aura - Animated Headgears - rAthena but... no work. The sprite is not displayed in any way. Any idea why this happens?
  5. what is the Skype of @Functor ?
  6. Currently I use a Gepard, but I think that the gepard.license that they gave me ... is incorrect it was modified, how could I contact @Functor so that he can confirm if I am using the correct gepard.license?
  7. I need to create an NPC Shop where all the effects (refines, cards and options) are displayed.
  8. I make the request for if it is possible to create a script command that allows adding objects to an NPC Shop, but that has faculties such as refine, Cards and ramdom options Example: npcshopadditem2("<name>",<item id>,<price>,refine,card0,card1,card2,card3); npcshopadditem3("<name>",<item id>,<price>,refine,card0,card1,card2,card3,<RandomIDArray>,<RandomValueArray>,<RandomParamArray>);
  9. I am currently using the 2018-06-20eRagexeRE.exe client, but it seems that it has some problems in Pre-Renewal and causes some problems (example: Unexpected closures and problems with changing resolutions) So ... what executable do they currently use and why?
  10. Sorry. My browser has been very unstable and I think I do not send the message correctly. I think I even sent you several private messages by mistake.
  11. this is possible?


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