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  1. it's been 6 years since this post. is it already supported? where in core I need to add "If tab = rental item then add timer"?
  2. doctrine

    Kafra Shop

    Found a solution. It was the costume preview patch.
  3. doctrine

    Kafra Shop

    Hi all source gurus. I am currently working on setting up a kafra shop and it seems to be really buggy - or then I am just missing something major, which I pretty much doubt as there are basically just three columns in the database for the items: tab, item_id and price. I have added some very basic items to the shop. about half of the items are unknown items (dem apples) and items are also on wrong tabs, and the prices are incorrect. on this example (pics), there should be red, orange, yellow and white potions, priced 2p, 4p, 8p and 15p respectively. When I buy the 0p unknown item, I get a red potion and 2p are deducted from my points. I know for a fact that the tabs and the items are correct in the database, I have a web interface that reads the exact same database and it shows everything correctly. This is so messed up that I don't even know if I managed to explain everything (I'm not even going to the fact that the item desc txt files are off too...) Anyway, I didn't notice any bug reports of Kafra Shop, so I'm thinking that it's either completely unfinished and not even supposed to work yet, or then the problem is on my end. I would like to know which core files and where handle the shop so I could start looking for the cause of the problem.
  4. I can't set the guild max tax past 50%, the client still says I can't set it over 50 even when the server side is set to more. Any tips? pre-re, 4144, 20180620e
  5. When I have the guild skill disabled, the emblem is set just fine, but when I enable the skill, I get an error "Skill has failed". Any ideas on how to enable the skill? EDIT: pre-re, 4144, 20180620e
  6. Thanks bro, you really made the difference. I was struggling with the map cache and couldn't figure out how to make the server read the old map files. Now I have both worlds working simultaneously
  7. Oh, it's that! Thanks for pointing the culprit out. I already got tired of hunting it. Got past that by just hexing the recommended, I thought that I want to get the server working before carefully starting to modify anything to my liking. That way I should at least know what causes possible problems. worked fine, until more problems. lol. But your input is highly appreciated, saved a lot of time and grey hairs (as if I'd have any anyways).
  8. Anyone have any idea why the client's freaking setup exe won't close? I've tried everything, even killing the task from task manager just pops it open again. doesn't matter what I choose as options, always reopens. I have to boot my computer to get rid of it. EDIT: Using 4144 and 20180620e. the problem is most likely related to the client hexing. annoying. trying to figure out more.
  9. old thread but here's the files: https://github.com/Megasantos/System/tree/master/Font
  10. Are you using the legacy version? Thanks for the link btw. I'm hoping not too much problems with the setup though, at least not as much as with Aegis and eAthena 1.0 RC5 back in 2005... planning to get back hosting the game, been a while since the latest... I guess my main concern were the new sha256 encryption in MySQL, as far as I know the community still runs on MD5 (please correct me if I'm mistaken). Of course I could always run it in legacy mode and forget the whole security update, but that would be kinda foolish if there's a patch on its way.
  11. Does rAthena support / is it compatible with MySQL 8 (docs say xx and newer, but is it actually tested)? Any plans to implement sha256 pwd enc (if not already), any details possibly when?
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