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  1. to change the name you have to edit hexed.
  2. if( battle_config.vs_traps_bctall && (src->type&battle_config.vs_traps_bctall) && map_flag_vs(src->m) ) target = BCT_ALL; Change if( battle_config.vs_traps_bctall && (src->type&battle_config.vs_traps_bctall) && map_flag_vs(src->m) ) target = (BCT_NOGUILD & BCT_ENEMY & BCT_NOPARTY);
  3. Could someone help me out, I'm looking for a script that adds Team Slot by ZENY, have you ever seen it? just like the RONDEL that transforms to [1] I just want the vacant slot.
  4. Top Closed Resolved. thanks @Haruka Mayumi
  5. Good night someone could help me, as I implement barricade in this script? do KOE. I wanted to barricade so I could destroy the empire when it is destroyed in 4 barricades, after it is destroyed and conquered they return to the same position again. koe.txt
  6. Could someone make me the MVP Rank Cards Script? will it be possible? Ex: an npc or bind @rankcards that generates the rank of the last cards dropped mvps or boss of the server
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