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  1. hooooly shit people still wanting this ? xD i'll edit the 1st post. Thank you Mael for saving it ? Done! updated everything !
  2. @Tanos92 for this post : 

    do you have another link? coz that link dead



  3. Hello ! I'm still aliiiiiive !! Thanna, you don't need the premium account. Juste wait 30 s then click on the "Free Download" button. If it's still not working, send me an email at [email protected], and we'll see what we can do
  4. It's my pleasure And no, i'm not doing the big ones, because Tozorman is making them, and he is greaaaat at it
  5. Thanks for the pokimons :33

  6. Is your map server showing errors ?
  7. I think you should try like this: .... getitem 4302,1; getitem 4047,1; getitem 4174,1; getitem 4128,1; break; } set #Freebie, 1; end; } OnInit: waitingroom "Get your freebies here ! ",0; end; } Because the "break;" make your script continue after the }, and the "close;" close only the chat with the NPC. So after the #Freebie is set to one, the script continues and try to open a new chatroom. I'm not sure, but i think it is the problem
  8. Why, after the job bitmask, do you write "63" for the upper ? in the doc about the itemdb it says: Upper: Equippable upper-types. Uses the following bitmasks: 1: Normal jobs 2: Upper jobs 4: Baby jobs So you should put 7 instead of 63 Same thing for the "1024" in Loc. Try putting 256 for up headgear, 512 for middle, 1 for low, and you add 512 and 256 if you want a hat who take both emplacement (up and mid. Try this, and tell me. 20137,Enchanted_Magical_Hat,Enchanted_Magical_Hat,5,1000,,200,,2,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,256,,0,1,1312,{bonus bAllStats,3;},{},{}
  9. This is the structure of the item in itemdb ...,{ Script },{ OnEquip_Script },{ OnUnequip_Script } Your item may no be work because of the "+3". You should try: 20137,Enchanted_Magical_Hat,Enchanted_Magical_Hat,5,1000,,200,,2,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,1024,,0,1,1312,{ bonus bAllstats,3; },{},{} And it should work
  10. Wow, it's been two years since i made this post ! Well, i'm almost done !! All the sprites are done, the ACT is working, I only need to correct some of the sprites, and try them on my server, then i'll upload it here See you soon ! Hi ! some news, I've almost done the Mini Pokemon monsters, check the 1st link to see a sample Alright ! Sorry for the triple post, but it's done ! You can download the pack wich contains the cards, and the sprites. As i'm not very good at spriting, there is only one ACT for the monsters who walks, and one for the flying ones. If you have any suggestion, tell me ! I'll edit the sprites and try my best And sorry for my bad engish m(_ _)m (btw my friend ToZorman made a link for the download on his website) http://www.green-peach.net/?a=link
  11. (The big ones made from animated GIF are really hard to make, so I prefere the tiny ones. I'll try later to make the big )
  12. Remember that the card size is 300x400px
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