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  1. Has anyone encountered this issue? A blank message will pop up above your head as if you typed out a blank message every time you warp, or teleport. Client Version: 20200902 Thanks in advance
  2. You can download the latest kRO & Patch the client and extract the missing headgear from the data.grf Edit: Here's a download link, I extracted it for you hawkeye.zip
  3. When attempting to Refine, the process completes but disconnects the player after the result. On the console, I get this error: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x0000, 2 bytes received), disconnecting session #8. Using up to date rAthena version + Cydh's LapineUI + RefineUI Patch. Client Version 2020-09-02 Any help on this would be MUCH appreciated!
  4. I somehow fixed it <_<; I'm not entirely sure what I did to be honest. I played around in the refine_db.yml and it miraculously started working.
  5. I'm having the same problem! I would love any insight if anyone has figured this out yet.
  6. Just in case anyone else has this issue... I'm an idiot and it took me a minute to figure out. Step by Step guide: 1. Build the csv2yaml.bat file located in the "tools" folder. 2. Once the build is complete, the build will have generated a csv2yaml.exe file located in your ROOT folder. 3. Double click the csv2yaml.exe file and it will generate your txt files -> YML (If applicable). Be sure to put your files to be converted in the import folder, the exe will ask if you want to overwrite the existing file.
  7. Hey, the 2020 client's are a little weird and require an outside source to import emblems. Take a look at this thread https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/4944#issuecomment-628689633
  8. Yes it's possible. The way I've achieved this is by adding it to the costume folder in Àΰ£Á· > ¸öÅë > ¿© & ³² > costume_1 It takes a bit of time, and requires a lot of patience. Essentially you'll be using @bodystyle to achieve this. In the costume_1 folder, add in all of your jRO sprites and then change the file names to the corresponding Trans Class classes. Be sure to add the palettes as well under palettes > ¸ö > costume_1 or else you'll end up with completely black sprites Also be sure to edit your conf/battle/client.conf and change -> max_body_style: 1 Hope this helps! Happy Disguising!
  9. He's correct -- There's a different protocol when adding garment sprites, it requires a file for each class (much like custom weapons).
  10. I can't wait to get my hands on these! Have they been released for us to download anywhere?
  11. Hi Friends! Okay, so I have about a million custom pets on my server, but I added them a while back so I'm a bit rusty. I've successfully converted the pet_db.txt to pet_db.yml with the latest upgrades to rAthena and my existing pets work great. So I've done just about everything I can think of to get this to work, to no avail.. Soo here I am begging you guys for help. I've done the following: Added Mob to MobDB and verified that it does actually work, and can be spawned and players can be disguised as said mob Added Egg Id to ItemDB, and can @Item said item without an issue. Added Pet to the Pet_Db.Yml as the following code: Item tame item is in the Item_DB -- Note: I've even tried lowering the eggID to something in the 9000 range, and this didn't work either, not to mention my custom pet eggs that are working are all in the ~51000 range. I'm getting a console error: "pet does not exist, egg id 51400. I'm stumped. Halp Thanks in advance. you guys.
  12. Sadly I wish it were that. I'm not using that patch.
  13. Hey everyone.. A huge thanks in advance to anyone who can actually assist me here. NONE of my status icons are showing except for Aura Blade (Suppper weird). Has anyone encountered this issue yet? All of my Client Files are updated to the latest -- my rathena is maybe a month old at most. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks again! Edit: I'm using a 20180620 client
  14. Hi rAthena -- I've been looking to add an extension to the Refine Weapon skill for Whitesmiths onto my server to enable them to refine Armor along with weapons. I saw this post : and the response that's there doesn't work for the skill. Would someone be able to assist me with this? I'm also wondering if it's possible for Eluminum to be the ore used to upgrade armor? Thanks in advance <3!
  15. Has anyone been able to get this to work? I'm looking for exactly this, but for the ore to be Eluminum to upgrade armor.
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