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  1. Henlo, I need a help to apply refineui system in latest rathena server (from github). It was all fine when I implemented the initial release https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/2494/files. The refineui is working perfectly with it. But the code is kinda outdated (without blacksmith blessing etc) and I want a updated one, so I tried to update my refineui with cydh's code https://github.com/cydh/rathena/pull/10/files. There is no error when I compiled it, but when I tried the refineui in game, I can't put any kind of equipment to the refineui. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. In case someone still need a fix, maybe this will help you
  3. Hello @bellacalleb idk if you still need a fix or no, but I got the same issue as yours and I fixed the issue by changing this line:
  4. Hello everyone. I wanna ask about how can I add Madogear sprite to Blacksmith and Whitesmith? Any link for similar topic is really appreciated
  5. Hello everyone I want to make this skycity by @K e o u g h to be my maintown but I got a glitch like this picture. The client will crash if the glitch happened. I tried to remove some objects in the BrowEdit to make it lighter, and yes my ragnarok rendering when coming to this town is faster. But still, sometimes the glitch happens again. Thank you
  6. Hello everyone I'm in a project to make my own server but I got the same problem like JoshDJX's one "The first problem is player characters become stuck at their location cell. Visually it looks like you can take a single step then can no longer move. However using a skill or sitting rubber bands the player back to the cell they're stuck to." It's began when I made new mob for MVP slaves and gave the slaves and the MVP some additional skills. It's all fine until two days ago, when I logged in, suddenly I got the problem. My character cannot move, I can use fly wing and teleported, but when I tried to walk, the "rubber band" pull me again to the current location where I teleported. I tried to solve the problem by redo what I did. When I disable the additional skills on the MVP and its slaves at mob_skill_db.txt the problem is gone. And here is the question 1. "how to solve the "rubber band" problem without removing the additional skills?" 2. "Is there any limitation of maximum mob that can be given skills (not many skills in one mob)?" Note: I can ignore the problem by removing all the additional skill, but I really want to give new skills and slaves to the MVP. And sorry for my bad explanation
  7. I have a similar problem like you @JoshDJX. My character stuck in a certain cell like your first problem. I don't have any error in my map/char/log-server. How to fix it? Help please
  8. Hi @Secrets I love this dress changer But when I use Mechanic with Mado Gear and turn into 2nd job, the Mado Gear sprite just gone but the mount status still remain. Can you help me to add Mado Gear sprite to 2nd and trans job? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi @K e o u g h I really love this map, but there are two missing files The missing files are: - model/moa/mall01.rsm - model/lots/castletop.rsm Could you add those two files too Thanks for sharing
  10. Yes, after I change the ID to 900, the skill icon appears in the skill tree. But somehow I can't use it anymore, even with @useskill, And a warning appeared in the mapserver I also tried to change another of my custom skill ID to 900 range It makes the skill icon appear but it can't be used like the npc_style And it showed an error like the picture The skill siegfried_heart still recognized as 8466, I don't have any idea where to change it. This is the skill_db.txt Bump. Still need help
  11. Thank you for your reply @TheDerpySupport Yes I named it npc_style, you can check it here:
  12. I've made a custom skill on my offline server. It works fine when I use @useskill, and I want to add the skill to an item like Assassin Cross Card which gives Cloaking skill. But when I added the skill on the item and equipped it, I can't find any additional skill in my skill tree. I don't know if the problem is the skill icon on the client side or on the server side. I also tried to follow this guide to make the custom skill as a job skill instead of item skill but it also failed. However this is my lub files and others: skillid.lub skilldescript.lub skillinfolist.lub skill_db.txt the item on item_db.txt Note: I tried to make an existing skill "SA_DEATH" which doesn't have any icon and put it on an item. It shows up perfectly on the skill tree like my screenshot.
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