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  1. Already set to level 255 on both. And still no Aura :/
  2. Hello everyone. I'm aware this is the second topic within a few hours. I managed to change the max level to 255. However after lvl 175 the Aura disappears. I've tweaked various of settings. But still no Aura... Is it hardcode to only show up at level 175???
  3. I will give this a shot. Thank you. Bump. Looks like that did the trick
  4. So if i'm getting this right. Change the last number to Zero on all skills would cast instantly?
  5. //===== Monk =============================== //-- MO_CALLSPIRITS 261,500,0,0,600000,0,0,500 //-- MO_ABSORBSPIRITS 262,1000,0,0,0,0,0,1000 //-- MO_INVESTIGATE 266,500,500,0,0,0,0,500 //-- MO_FINGEROFFENSIVE 267,500,500,0:200:400:600:800,0,0,0,500 //-- MO_STEELBODY 268,2500,0,0,30000:60000:90000:120000:150000,0,0,2500 //-- MO_BLADESTOP 269,0,500,0,500:700:900:1100:1300,20000:30000:40000:50000:60000,0,0 //-- MO_EXPLOSIONSPIRITS 270,0,0,0,180000,0,0,0 //-- MO_EXTREMITYFIST 271,2000:1750:1500:1250:1000,3000:2500:2000:1500:1000,0,10000,300000,0,2000:1750:1500:1250:1000 //========================================== But i also notice other skills from other classes has skill delay as well. I used to play RO back in the early to mid 2000's and whenever we had 100 on Dex it was instant regardless the skill. So does that mean i have to edit everything?
  6. Hello Everyone I'm having an issue regarding with the skill delay. Whenever i do an Asura or Dangerous Soul it takes 2 to 4 sec's charge up. I have all my stats at 199 and still there's a huge delay when doing these skills. The Only way to remove it complete is to equip the Angra Manyu. However i did some googling. And changed various of settings and for some reason i can't get it to work. i want to instant cast skills at 150 Dex. And not the 300