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  1. i implement it to mapflag on it.
  2. The usability of this is really good specially on the items info and monster info it a huge help. Nice development and information you share.
  3. For ragnarok zero no. You need to grind them for the skill modification.
  4. use http://nfoservers.com/ it much better.
  5. Thanks for this explanation. I will add your diff also in vip account fix.
  6. Make sure not select other character because i made a restriction to select other slots.
  7. What do you mean? it said here create 1 character only slot one.
  8. Make sure you input slot only 1.
  9. https://github.com/coookie1010/Server-Patches/blob/main/rA-onechar.patch i created a different onechar patch.
  10. You need to put this on your data. Char Select Textures.zip
  11. It is not my code it was from chasewalk. maybe the set value is keeping him reset.
  12. This is from your script request released i just make it works on latest.
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