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  1. For the mapflag issue find: [email protected] and replace into < getarraysize(.mapflag);
  2. I've looked into that. It doesnt seem to be working for me. At least with the sandbox version. I have not tried the live version yet. Did you get it to work with the sandbox? All you did was use ''ipnpb.paypal.com' correct?
  3. I've looked around and seen a bunch of post but no solution. Currently my fluxcp is not generating any file inside /data/logs/transactions. I was able to test donating via sandbox and the transaction is good to go but whenever I hit "go back to site" button. It redirects me to my homepage and no credits is credited to the account. Is there a fix for this or is this a long tiime issue that was forgotten about? Thank you. my configuration of the 'PayPalIpnUrl' is currently set to => 'ipnpb.paypal.com' although i've been playing around with it to figure out what the issue is. Any assistance is appreciated.
  4. Well, I'm having this issue right now. Would be nice to see what the fix action was.
  5. Is this a bug or working as intended?
  6. works amazing for me. thank you
  7. [Warning]: status_read_soullink_db: Expected a constant with SL_ prefix, got Header.[Info]: status_read_soullink_db: Done reading 15 custom soul links. Anyone manage to get rid of this warning? it's giving me Memory leaks.
  8. I was looking around for this that is compatible with the latest rA. I tried coming up with my own code and had the idea of using the battle flag preventing log out. This is pretty awesome and simple. Thank you.
  9. I appreciate you looking into it. I've checked battle config and maybe I missed something but the only one that would seem related to the issue is the range checking (tried it with both and no changes) Still currently looking into source code of SP_AUTOSPELL
  10. I'm still waiting on other people to join in and help me out. I've been experimenting and issue #1 is the same even when trying another skill (maximum over thrust). I'm trying to see how the src code for the autopell work at the moment.
  11. good point. i just figured i would ask around here if anyone else experienced the same issue.