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  1. @pajodex I'm trying to make my own clone skill. but I keep crashing the map-server with a segmentation error. Can you help explain to me the values for this function? int mob_clone_spawn(struct map_session_data *sd, int16 m, int16 x, int16 y, const char *event, int master_id, enum e_mode mode, int flag, unsigned int duration); I'd like to understand the code so I can manipulate it according to my will.
  2. For Future reference: I was able to do a work around for special effects for my custom skill. This is more of replicating already existing skills. (i.e RK_SONICWAVE). I've used in skill.cpp: case MY_SKILL: skill_attack(BF_WEAPON,src,src,bl,RK_SONICWAVE,skill_lv,tick,0x1000); --> 0x1000 prevents the skill being "shouted" by the character overhead. This basically uses MY_SKILL to call RK_SONICWAVE. in battle.cpp since I personally do not want to use the battle calculations for RK_SONICWAVE, I implemented an if statement of -- if(sd->class_ == MAPID_ENTERJOBHERE ) skillratio += your values; With this I've basically cloned RK's sonic wave along with the special effects (proper direction), without the overhead skill shouting as well as implementing my own damage calculations. Hope this helps anyone in the future facing the same issue.
  3. I appreciate it bro. I've talked to stolao on discord and he did mention that some are hard coded in as well. I'm just gonna stay away from directional skill effects for now.
  4. I actually did that one. But when casting the skill. it does the proper effect except for the shouting of the skill (text over the head) Sonic Wave. lol. What's the function to remove the skill shouting? EDIT: I'll test again. I forgot if it actually calls RK_SONICWAVE or MY_SKILL.
  5. @Naruto Yo dude I appreciate the help. I haven't went the skilleffectinfo.lub route yet. But i will try what you suggested. I appreciate the tips. I'll post here as soon as I test it.
  6. This is the "special effect" that I am trying to achieve. I do not see anywhere how the skill RK_SONICWAVE is calling the special effect. I'm assuming it's client side or maybe even hard coded? Zeiyan Ragnarok Online 2020-01-21 12-44-03.mp4
  7. This videos is related to my question #2. As you can see in the video. It does not matter what direction I'm using the skill with. It shows the effect as if i'm using @effect which i guess the default is north. Using the regular skill of RK_SONICWAVE, the "wave effect" would be towards the target. the code i'm using to call the effect is this: clif_specialeffect(src, 832, AREA); I've also tried using bl but it would just show the "wave effect" coming from the target instead of the caster. Zeiyan Ragnarok Online 2020-01-21 12-32-45.mp4
  8. I'm a little confused on what you said. lol. The skills are totally working fine. No issues there. It's the special effects that i'm trying to make work properly. I'll post an attachment here in a little bit to show a better picture.
  9. Hmm. At this point you're gonna have to wait for someone better to assist you. Sorry I can't be much of help.
  10. I'm not super familiar with the skill. But upon looking it up, It's not an SC_STATUS. according to RMS it's a summoning skill. So it would spawn another "object" along with the character. I checked the doc folder and found this:
  11. The first link I gave you was a whole new data folder. The last link I gave you was a complete step by step tutorial on how to properly set your client side files
  12. https://herc.ws/board/topic/13146-guide-create-your-server-client-201608/ this one? If that link is not working for you then you can always use google. Here's another tutorial posted in rathena.
  13. No worries. We're all trying to learn here. Read this for understanding on the data folder structure: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Data-Folder Then this link will provide step by step basis on how to setup your server. I'm assuming you are already good to go on the server side. Follow the steps for the client side first. Use the data folder on the link that I gave you earlier. Then once you've verified that you are able to connect to your server with no issues, then you can start on adding your custom files by following the guide posted by @Poring King. https://herc.ws/board/topic/13146-guide-create-your-server-client-201608/
  14. I suggest using this data folder. https://rathena.org/board/topic/102689-ragnarok-english-translation-project/
  15. Your folder names are all wrong. I'm used to dealing with the gibberish ascii characters not the korean characters. I don't think the Korean folders should have the english names in there too. Also, the idnum2....txt files are not used anymore. All you need to edit are the lua/lub files. I think the problem lies in your file and folder names honestly.