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  1. I actually found everything I needed here: Great script!
  2. Hello! I'm requesting a simple Malangdo Costume Enchant script so I can understand the mechanics involved... And in turn expand on it to make a proper Malangdo Costume Enchant NPC. I would like it to work in the following way: 1. Accepts two items that can be dragged and dropped like selling items in a shop. A enchant stone and the costume to be enchanted. 2. A if condition checks to see if the costume is an appropriate match for the type of stone used (both are high/mid/low headgear or garment). 3. The stone is removed from inventory and the resulting Enchanted Costume items is created. I only need a working example for a single costume/stone pair... I don't need 700 lines of confusing arrays and over half a dozen NPCs like this script... Edit: Something based on the Card Remover NPC might work too, where it checks to see if you are wearing a custom item and asks you to select from available stones.
  3. So, I have this simple script that spawns a mob... Then re spawns that mob after 1 hour has passed if you kill it: - script sample_npc_mob -1,{ OnTimer3600000: // 1hour OnInit: monster "prontera",78,95,"--ja--",1153,1,strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnKill"; end; OnKill: initnpctimer; end; } How would I modify it so that instead of OnKill, it loops based on the following criteria: Start timer -> Spawn mob after 30min -> Kill mob after 60min ? I only want the mob to be alive for 30min during the second half of the 1 hour loop.
  4. Sorry, still in the semi noob zone here.
  5. I could only find that in src/map/mercenary.hpp src/map/mercenary.cpp Does that mean I have to rebuild the server after the change? O_O
  6. Hi all! I figured out how to change homunculus and pet friendliness rates... But how do you change the Mercenary Loyalty rates? I can't find the configuration for it anywhere.
  7. You know what, you've been very helpful. I was finally able to get the client working and now have a decent understanding of the process. I did this with a pre-renewal server almost a decade ago, but I forgot everything.
  8. Yeah, I figured it would be in the system folder with all the other .lub files... But I can only find the iteminfo.lua file. Are the two interchangeable? O.O EDIT: Okay, so I renamed iteminfo.lua to .lub, and it got rid of that error... But now I have a new error:
  9. There was no iteminfo.lub in the translation I found, which came from zackdreaver. Seems pretty vital to the instructions you gave me. Am I using the wrong translation?
  10. Hello everyone! Forgive my ignorance on the subject, I'm sure this comes up all the time. But is there a top to bottom, full explanation of how to setup a kRO client to work with the latest rAthena server software? I had no problem getting the server working on my linux box... at least I think it's working, I can't find any client that can successfully connect. I've tried doing various tutorials and reading explanations of how to get the client working, but nothing seems to work. It's like there are 20 puzzle pieces scattered and I need to put them all together. Everything seems to leave out some vital step, or produces errors when I try to run things. Surely there is a simple solution that gives you a working, translated client and the ability to change what IP the client is pointed at. That's really all I'm looking for. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks ahead of time.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to disable the auras that appear on 3rd jobs when they turn level 175, but I need the file names to do so. Does anyone know the exact file names used? The default aura looks yellow on my client.