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  1. Thnk u verymuch for ur time sir and help, i try to think all u said ,
  2. The grf that u sent is a grd builder? I open it in my own grf buider and also korean charcter inside same like what i post i. Texture ,sprite like that
  3. how to use the link that u sent this earlier sir? just copy paste inyo data folder to replace lua files like that ?
  4. the korean folders have also english name inside but just a liittle not all, how to change the chatacter on it?so this is wrong client u mean? how can i use that sir the link u sent? thnx sir for replying noob like me verry appreciated sir
  5. so you mean its ok not to use GRF ? just like edit the file like this what i did?, look at this sir?this is manually edit no GRF editor, did i do ryt?
  6. i follow that guide sir but still not working do i need really to use GRF Editor to do that? or its ok to do manually even not using grf just edit script
  7. Im sorry sir, but what do u mean by make it robe?? Btw im not using grf sir because i dont know how to use it, i just only change script 1 by 1 , i open the note and write the iscript then save, then go other note edit and save, for texture and sprite i just copy the pocture and paste to collection and item and also drop and gender sprite of the item, no grf editor, its that fine sir?
  8. Sir can u tell me how to add the sprite on grf? Sorry i dont use grf because i dont know how to use it can u help me sir pls?
  9. anybody can help me please i put custom wings and thats happen what should be the problem sir? i dont use any grf cause i dont know how to use it , just edit 1 by 1 and save the note help me plss this is my first time
  10. Ahhh ok , so i extract it first in my client side before i copy all the files and paste in kro client sir? Extract only sir ryt? No merg like that??
  11. Is that the data ini i extract or your.grf? I dont see your.grf file inside my kro client what should i do? I already download grf builder ,what next where i can find your.grf and what to do nxt sir? Im sorry im not expert of this
  12. which one i open here? which way? here? im sorry sir please teach me sir
  13. and my system folder have luafiles514 but nothing inside, plssss somebody help
  14. this is my problem how can i access to luafile/datainfo/ because i dont have any in my data folder