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  1. marami salmat tol ganito bah tol ? example: 32352,Valkyrie_Helm,Valkyrie helm,,,,,,0FFFFFFF,,,,,{bonus2 bSubRace,RC_Player,35; bonus bdelayRate, -30 blablablablaaa}{}{} ganyan bah tol ? just like that?
  2. hellow sir/mam/ any body can help me pls how to put this discription into my item_db.txt in my head gear item info is this. "reduce damage receive from demihuman by 35% "reduce after skill delay by 30% "increase physical and magic damage to demihuman by 30% "increase damage to boss by 20% "immune to freeze and silent "immune to full strape please anybody how can i put that on item db on 1 valkyrie headgear, plsss help plssss
  3. ahmmm can u teach me sir how to do that ? cause when i put custom headgear above 32377 in game no sprite show if i equip on, but the item is show i can drop i can produce, just only no sprite, ill check my data anything is good
  4. what do u mean sir ? the view id's are still in 1908 in accessory_lub and in the item_db2 is 32367 , when i add more its no sprite on game even i do it correctly to add custom items and test diferrent kind of item upward on 32367 are all same no sprite when worn
  5. anybody can tell me what is the limit of adding custom headgear/item in rathena emulator?and if you reach the limit what should happen? because i add custom heagear same discription from 32377 is good and no problem, when i add more 32377 above, the item is no sprite when i worn it , discriptions show and no problem on script, but when i worn it there is no sprite show that worn on my character, ill try defferent items but its the same, do u think what happen? is that the limit or anybody can help????
  6. and if i can edit the max equips limit, how??? did anybody knows how ??
  7. elow anybody can i ask how much exactly the limit of adding custom headgear or items in rathena? cause i add 32377 its no more spirte but equips are show on game and discription but if i worn the item no sprite maybe i reach the adding limit of custom items any help pls ???
  8. Thnk u verymuch for ur time sir and help, i try to think all u said ,
  9. The grf that u sent is a grd builder? I open it in my own grf buider and also korean charcter inside same like what i post i. Texture ,sprite like that
  10. how to use the link that u sent this earlier sir? just copy paste inyo data folder to replace lua files like that ?
  11. the korean folders have also english name inside but just a liittle not all, how to change the chatacter on it?so this is wrong client u mean? how can i use that sir the link u sent? thnx sir for replying noob like me verry appreciated sir
  12. so you mean its ok not to use GRF ? just like edit the file like this what i did?, look at this sir?this is manually edit no GRF editor, did i do ryt?
  13. i follow that guide sir but still not working do i need really to use GRF Editor to do that? or its ok to do manually even not using grf just edit script
  14. Im sorry sir, but what do u mean by make it robe?? Btw im not using grf sir because i dont know how to use it, i just only change script 1 by 1 , i open the note and write the iscript then save, then go other note edit and save, for texture and sprite i just copy the pocture and paste to collection and item and also drop and gender sprite of the item, no grf editor, its that fine sir?
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