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  1. hye i would like to request an addon for flux cp (marketplace) where player can use in game npc to register an item to sell them on market place, it would be more efficient to sell and buy items just by browsing the marketplace at fluxcp thanks for your time, for more details you may send me a massage in my inbox thanks
  2. As title, can someone create a script that reward player 1k zeny for each 10 base level player gain? example : player get lvl 10 base get reward 1000zeny player get lvl 20 base get reward 1000zeny and so on, reward are automatic every time they reach certain mile stone, also add notice to player chat log example : Congratulation you have reach milestone base level 10, you gained 1000z, next mile stone is base level 20
  3. soo i need to make it 20 days minimum? bump
  4. hye can someone tell me how to change the reward from item to zeny? - script milestone -1,{ OnPCBaseLvUpEvent: if (BaseLevel == 90 && #lv_milestone_90 < 3) { #lv_milestone_90++; getitem 607, 15; getitem 610, 15; getitem 616, 1; dispbottom "You gained reward for level 90."; } else if (BaseLevel == 70 && #lv_milestone_70 < 3) { #lv_milestone_70++; getitem 607, 10; getitem 610, 10; dispbottom "You gained reward for level 70."; } else if (BaseLevel == 50 && #lv_milestone_50 < 3) { #lv_milestone_50++; getitem 607, 5; getitem 610, 5; dispbottom "You gained reward for level 50."; } else if (BaseLevel == 10 && #lv_milestone_10 < 3) { #lv_milestone_10++; getitem 1205, 1; dispbottom "You gained reward Cutter [4] for level 10 milestone."; } end; }
  5. hye i need some help to configure attendant feature, bump to some error while trying to use it, my server are define PRERE only what i have don was edit conf/groups.conf db/import/attendance.yml Client Side : System/CheckAttendance.lub please guide me?
  6. as title i was trying to upload my backup sql to phpmyadmin, got this error No data was received to import. Either no file name was submitted, or the file size exceeded the maximum size permitted by your PHP configuration. See FAQ 1.16. i did some google and it state i need to edit php.ini to max the file size, but where is the php.ini file?
  7. i tested but whenever i get out from the map it did change back to my previous job, but the job lvl did not, it stay lvl 1, can fix this?
  8. thanks @Emistry but where is the exit npc ?
  9. Hye could i request an npc that can warp player to certain map with random location, but the npc will not allow player to bring any items will not allow any equipment, equipped or in inventory and when player enter the map they will become novice, and when they exit the map they will become their default class as before they enter thanks
  10. i would request for basic Pre-Re data, client and also rathena SVN since my current server are kinda mess up so hard, my current server item description are mix up with Pre-Re and Re and skill description are wrong, how can sniper DS and sharpshooting are same, monk and champion dmg are too low then official, i havent check on other class yet, but im sure they are mess up as well, please can someone help me to fix this ?
  11. hye i need some help with my server, my server is Pre-Re, right now its kinda mess up which im not even sure what went wrong, 1. Item description are mix up with renewal and pre-re 2. Item description are all wrong example armor description give def +5 but when wear it only give def +3 3. Skill dmg are lower then it should be, example : sniper DS dmg is almost the same dmg with sharp shooting im not sure how or where to fix this, could someone kindly help me
  12. hye i would like to request for this npc script, can someone add a chat box on top of the npc and tell how many player are currently online example : 10 Player Online neko_isle,93,99,4 script PlayerOnline 512,{ query_sql "SELECT `name` , `class` FROM `char` WHERE `online` = '1'", [email protected]$, [email protected]; mes "-----------------------------------"; mes "Online Users: " + getusers(1); mes "-----------------------------------"; for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]$); set [email protected],[email protected] + 1) mes [email protected]$[[email protected]]+ " | Job: " +jobname([email protected][[email protected]]); mes "-----------------------------------"; close; }
  13. yes im not even sure which file should i be looking at for, as far i checked is pet_db.yml
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