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  1. Can we show real ip user in log? Because if use proxy server. Ip on log is ip proxy.. not ip real user. How show real ip user on log?
  2. this ro browser support client 20200401?
  3. the default is per account, not per character
  4. I still don't know what to do. what should i edit in cp flux? do I have to edit the database connection from item_db_re to item_db_re_compat?
  5. What mean SQL compat (item db)? do we have to modify the php flux cp to use it? or simply import?
  6. please make it to support obfuscation no problem showing on XML..
  7. I need a warper with an instance that checks for Quest Prerequisite like on novaRO if we go to central labs, must finished quest phantasmagorika first
  8. Can andro support packet obfuscation?
  9. mazvi

    Doram drops

    I also need doram equip drop on mob_db
  10. Hello Guys if i activated https://github.com/rathena/rathena/tree/master/npc/custom/battleground can this script run with official battleground? or i must disabled official battleground? because there is no note to disable official, like WOE setter there is note to disable official first before using WOE Setter what abbout custom battleground?
  11. i want to ask, why search RMS/iRO wiki in game browser only once? the second try cannot open browser window, must relog first to open in game browser why?
  12. mazvi

    Log Question

    How to disable only arrow ussage? 0004 - Etc Items(3) + Arrows (10) this will disable etc item and arrow what about this Log player-used items (consumables/pet&hom&merc food/items used for skills&attacks) this log affected arrow or not? and affected old card album or not?
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