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  1. Can andro support packet obfuscation?
  2. mazvi

    Doram drops

    I also need doram equip drop on mob_db
  3. Hello Guys if i activated https://github.com/rathena/rathena/tree/master/npc/custom/battleground can this script run with official battleground? or i must disabled official battleground? because there is no note to disable official, like WOE setter there is note to disable official first before using WOE Setter what abbout custom battleground?
  4. i want to ask, why search RMS/iRO wiki in game browser only once? the second try cannot open browser window, must relog first to open in game browser why?
  5. mazvi

    Log Question

    How to disable only arrow ussage? 0004 - Etc Items(3) + Arrows (10) this will disable etc item and arrow what about this Log player-used items (consumables/pet&hom&merc food/items used for skills&attacks) this log affected arrow or not? and affected old card album or not?
  6. helo functor what price of gepard? please send PM me

  7. yes debris not work the item debris not drop setarray .Debris[0],7049,757,756,6077,1010,1011,984,985;
  8. oh thx i dont know if their command has avaible on atcommand iam sorry... but my command is more easy because only type location without npc/ and .txt so i thinks is very small different
  9. This is the easiest way to reload npc only once a command. Type @reloadnpc Enter an accurate directory location of npc without npc/ and without .txt and click OK example: custom/jobmaster wait 2 seconds and NPC successfully reloading NOTE: Make sure this script npc is already installed on athena_script.conf Only GM with level 99 can use @reloadnpc If this script help you, please help me to upvote and rate 5 stars this topic.
  10. mazvi

    Whips Problem

    oh my god.. thanks very much... so this feature to prevent social hacking with similiary name...
  11. mazvi

    Whips Problem

    Please help me when I do a whisp to shin the error appears as below. but not valid on other char why ya?
  12. no you need patched ragexe and you need english resource i dont have fast internet service, my internet is 1mbps.. so i can only upload once..
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