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    data / texture / effect in data.grf (jRO) BG_Icon.zip
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    same with me time really flies bro >.< Client Recommendation: - you can use anything bro even the latest supported unpacked client. (A great warm up for a comeback haha) Purchasing GePard: - pm Functor to avoid getting scammed Meteor Storm Bug: - Lol dude a hearsay will remain a hearsay unless you tried it. The spirit of rAthena really leaves your head. Philippine Hosting: - that's a f****** suicide dude.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A map that has a little bit of everything, I spent about a week making this and was gonna use it for my own private server but the project got abandoned. This map come with some beautiful hang out places, and features like: - Vendor area ( straight lines on the right of the map under the boxing ring a bit) - Boxing Ring - Quest area ( Top left corner ) - Mall area ( the spiral dirt road ) - Cool buildings with walkable tiles - Garden with walkable tree / fower - and many more ! I hope you guys will implement it in your own server. Here is some cool locations on the map: Turtle's back - 170 30 Hangout 1 - 135 60 Hangout 2 - 138 64 Hangout 3 - 149 63 Hangout 4 - 154 65 Second Building - 10 127 Crystal Valley - 19 173


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    It's quite easy tho, I described every problem. But I will send you the corrected files after I'm done with work.
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