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  1. Well @loadnpc is not really the most usefull command as it doesn't load OnInit: labels so it's better to restart the server or use @reloadscript to reload everything. Also I need to recheck every script when I manage to have time for it. Like the Battleground Arena, which crashes now the map server since the Batteground Queue System was implemented. Not sure why tho. But as I focus more on the Translation Project I might take longer then it would need.
  2. There are few skills untranslated, but as I have heard zackdreaver is thinking about dropping this project, since it's too time consuming when he doesn't have mich time to begin with. So I thought about... I cloned his repository and started to work on it myself. For those who are interested: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE I also made an discord server, so if someone want's to talk about the translation, he/she can do that there. Link is at GitHub. Regards, Chris
  3. I think 2014 doesn't use lua yet, dunno for that version, might be a view id issue of the item db entry
  4. If you would use a global event but want it only to a affect an instance then it's the same as using an event label for the monsters.
  5. Global events like that can't be duplicated for instances. Also try to assign an event to your mob spawns like capuche mentioned.
  6. if you are using Zackdreaver's translation project, look for data/luafiles514/lua files/skillinfoz/skilltreeview 20180621.lub and remove the 20180621, also rename the original one before.
  7. If I'm not wrong clients before 2018-01-24 don't need ClassNum field, as stated by Zackdreaver's translation project, doc/compatibility list.md.
  8. Hmm, nope that's correct. Wondering why it still errors that way
  9. Costumes are items in the item_db.txt marked as such. See doc/item_db.txt: Loc: Equipment's placement. Values are: 2^8 256 = Upper Headgear 2^9 512 = Middle Headgear 2^0 001 = Lower Headgear 2^4 016 = Armor 2^1 002 = Weapon 2^5 032 = Shield 2^2 004 = Garment 2^6 064 = Footgear 2^3 008 = Accessory Right 2^7 128 = Accessory Left 2^10 1024 = Costume Top Headgear 2^11 2048 = Costume Mid Headgear 2^12 4096 = Costume Low Headgear 2^13 8192 = Costume Garment/Robe 2^15 32768 = Ammo 2^16 65536 = Shadow Armor 2^17 131072 = Shadow Weapon 2^18 262144 = Shadow Shield 2^19 524288 = Shadow Shoes 2^20 1048576 = Shadow Accessory Right (Earring) 2^21 2097152 = Shadow Accessory Left (Pendant) Costume Top Headgear and the others below are equipments which are shown in the "Costume" Tab.
  10. Wasn't something like 65k max item id, what rAthena currently can support up to? Read that somewhere at least.
  11. Replace: L_Exchange: freeloop(1); [email protected] = getargcount(); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { if (countitem(getarg([email protected]))) { mes "Found ^980078" + getitemname(getarg([email protected])) + "^000000,"; mes "Do you want to exchange ONE Card into ONE Coin?"; next; switch(select("No:Yes")) { case 1: mes "^980078Do you want search for other cards?^000000"; next; if(select("No:Yes") == 1) { mes "^980078Card searching is interrupted^000000"; close; } break; case 2: if (countitem(getarg([email protected]))) { delitem getarg([email protected]),1; getitem 6379,1; //Card_Coin mes "^980078" + getitemname(getarg([email protected])) + " has exchanged into Coin.^000000"; next; } else { mes "^980078Your inventory does not contain the card for exchange.^000000"; next; } break; } } } freeloop(0); return; with: L_Exchange: freeloop(1); [email protected] = getargcount(); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { if (countitem(getarg([email protected]))) { mes "Found ^980078" + countitem(getarg([email protected])) + "x " + getitemname(getarg([email protected])) + "^000000,"; mes "Do you want to exchange "+countitem(getarg([email protected]))+" Cards into "+countitem(getarg([email protected]))+" Coins?"; next; switch(select("No:Yes")) { case 1: mes "^980078Do you want search for other cards?^000000"; next; if(select("No:Yes") == 1) { mes "^980078Card searching is interrupted^000000"; close; } break; case 2: if (countitem(getarg([email protected]))) { [email protected] = countitem(getarg([email protected])); delitem getarg([email protected]),[email protected]; getitem 6379,[email protected]; //Card_Coin mes "^980078" + [email protected] + "x " + getitemname(getarg([email protected])) + " has exchanged into " + [email protected] + " Coins.^000000"; next; } else { mes "^980078Your inventory does not contain the card for exchange.^000000"; next; } break; } } } freeloop(0); return; Untested.... Or you could try my version of it: card_coin_exchanger.txt
  12. That error is only an issue, when the script wasn't loaded correctly, since it uses OnInit: which will be triggered on Server Restart + @reloadscript command. That array contains the Text for the Elements, but since I use at the end of OnInit: and rand(1,6) for the randomized Element, I need to reduce it by 1 for the index. Since these values are always at least 1, it can't get below 0 normally which happens there, since these .HuntGround_I variables are reset on every Monday on 00:00 or via OnInit. So either you loaded the file without @reloadscript or server restart or I dunno how you managed that. I reloaded quite often and never had that issue. What you mean by that? Hmm, something must have gone wrong with the variables I used xX. Gonna check that soon. Thanks for the report. Normally you shouldn't be able to enter the instance when you still have the quest delay active.
  13. Hello guys, just a information for everybody, which was interested but didn't actually join in any way: I decided to drop this idea, like sader mentioned, it won't work. I tried it anyway in hope that there at least a few which would participate, but nothing. Only a few which joined the discord, that's all. In short: Close this Topic please and thanks for everbody for reading it about it at least. Regards, Chris
  14. Here a small update from a request made to me: A bug was about the warps being enabled even though they should be disabled on start. Treasure Chest after killing the MVP's was missing. Changed the IS_INSTANCE_ID to @IS_INSTANCE_ID and deleted the OnPCLoginEvent/OnPCLogoutEvent, using temporar char variables saves lines. I modified it that way and tested it: InfiniteSpace_RA.txt
  15. Like Class > jobname(Class) ? Next time read the doc/ script_commands. txt since stuff like that is stated there.
  16. That's false about Instance Maps, I use the gef_fild14 Map for my Hunting Ground Script and no issue at all. Since the Instance System automatically generates an map for the instance exclusive, based on the given one. You could also try to change instance_enter([email protected]$) into this: switch(instance_enter([email protected]$)) { case IE_NOINSTANCE: mes "You didn't generate the time gap yet!"; close; case IE_NOMEMBER: case IE_OTHER: mes "Unknown Error has occurded in entering "[email protected]$+"."; close; case IE_OK: mes "You'll now enter the "[email protected]$+"."; end; } end; That way you also get a certain message, why it fails.
  17. The problem lies in that it still triggers. You could also add as well a condition to only continue when the "killerrid" is the Mob ID, like this: OnPCDieEvent: if(strcharinfo(3) == prt_fild08 && killerrid == 1647) announce "You are dead!!!!!!",bc_self; end;
  18. Hmm weird, not sure what happened there. Like already answered via GitHub Issue: Don't worry, just forgot a debugmes to delete. Every Hunting Ground Instance got a seperate delay in quest format. Not gonna adjust it any further, since it's based on Gramps idea. If you could tell me which Level Range you tried to enter, I could try to replicate this error. Edit: =============== Update: 07/12-2019: Added 2 Scripts & formated the Topic a bit more ============ Added Dynamic Battleground Arena Added Last Man Standing Split the main topic further into Entertainment, Utility and System, renamed Additional Scripts into Extra Regards, Chris
  19. I would recommend you to return the parameter value to default. To use a custom clientinfo.xml, patch it via nemo depending what client date you use you need to see if it's available.
  20. After trying to make that stupid mapcache work after x tries and ways, I finally managed to do it. A few scripts of mine are added: Arena Master Armor Enchanter Battle Royale Costume Enchanter Dungeon Quest System Fame System Gold Room Battle Hunting Grounds Last Man Standing Mass Seller Mob Invasion Mystic Enchanter Training System Vote NPC Not sure what the mapcache's problem was but after printing a certain error around 100 times, he managed to add the maps to the map cache... So I'm ready for others to participate in this project, just come into the Discord and PM me directly so I can give you more details. There are also channels, where you can read everything regarding it. Regards, Chris aka Houndeye
  21. For this you can use also the db/import/item_noequip.txt to restrict it only on PvP and GvG maps.
  22. You can also is the flag "Upper", which defines if the character is normal, rebirth or baby class. As well there is the *eaclass() command. Just take a look in that doc/script_commands. txt about these.
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