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  1. Yes if there are no entries in your pvpladder
  2. If you take a look at the recently posted rune-wars script it spawns on certain times and despawns
  3. I'd you updated your server did u apply the SQL updates from the svn as well?
  4. So what I'm trying to do is promote woe on my server my question is can I set it so only a guild that owns a castle can use my 10+ refiner npc
  5. View File PvP Ranking System So I took geromes pvpranking add-on and changed some things and updated it to work with newest rathena fluxcp Submitter Zycron Submitted 05/15/2018 Category FluxCP Addons Video Content Author Original:Gerome Updated: Zycron  
  6. Lol ya I'm weird I got it fixed anyway
  7. Version 1.0.0


    So I took geromes pvpranking add-on and changed some things and updated it to work with newest rathena fluxcp


  8. Nevermind fixed it lol. Bottom of file changed ORDER BY to GROUP BY works like a charm
  9. So I have been scratching my head with this for a week. My database is showing results for things not there as my knowledge with SQL is not great I'll ask here as it's not a website problem. It's a problem with my querry I think here is what it's doing Here are the only two entries in my DB Here is my code. Thanks all. Any help is appreciated I have tried everything I know including changing sorting orders nothing gets it to read right.
  10. So Im trying to get a website up everything is fine cept the pvp ranking add-on no errors just not showing any results here are some examples Using geromes pvp ladder from his svn Here is php for module and theme . (module)pvpranking.php (theme)pvpranking.php
  11. So if I wanted to display module information on my footer.php from pvp stats how would I do that I have tried everything I can think of I'm not good with php I want to display pvpranking on my footer under the forum button here is pic Thanks in advance my module is ranking/pvpranking.php
  12. I put this on my server let it run no Npc ever appeared so I went in and added a on onclock fir every hour still have never seen npc appear to start event did I do something wrong?
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