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Scripts that are set up to help players and GMs alike should be posted in this category
Examples: Buffers, Refining Systems, GM Tools, Shops

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  1. Free

    Advanced Stylist

    Original idea of this script : http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=148888
    Well, this was my favourite stylist script in eAthena ....xD

    Since i got some time, and lately received a request on editing a stylist npc script. So i come with with the idea to add some minor features or enhance the original script. The script are written from scratch...
    A very quick and simple intro for the script,
    Able to nagivate styles easily ( Forward, Backward, Jump ).
    Able to blacklist certain style for each style group and separately by Gender.
    Removed save / load features since not really useful.
    Enable Zeny as payment for the services.
    Able to enable any of the 3 services. ( Hairstyle, Hair Color, Cloth Color )
    Support multiple type of Currency Payment. ( Item , Cash Points , Zeny and etc )

    ( If any style was blacklisted, a default style will be displayed )
    The script are rewrited and clean up some unecessary parts.
    Credits :



  2. Free

    Coin Exchanger

    A NPC that enable players to change Zeny & Coins easily...
    Available Exchange Options :
    Zeny to CoinsCoins to Zeny
    Configurations :
    // server max zeny.max_zeny = 1000000000;// coin list + name + valuesetarray .coin_name$,"Silver","Gold","Mithril";setarray .coin_id,675,671,674;setarray .value,10000,1000000,100000000;
    Credits : @AnnieRuru



  3. Free

    Utility: Flavor Text Death Announcer

    File Name: Flavor Text Death Announcer
    File Submitter: Via
    File Submitted: 23 Jan 2013
    File Category: Utilities
    Content Author: Via
    A customizable death announcer that broadcasts on the map pre-defined by the GM configuring the NPC's settings. It helps GMs keep track of player death when hosting events styled to have a last-man-standing winner while adding a creative flair to each situation.
    It is written so that an announcement with "flavor text" is broadcasted when a player is killed by either a monster or another player. To avoid duplicate announcements, the previous mode is disabled upon activating a new mode.
    The current release, 1.0, is activated by "whispering" a string of any text to "npc:death". Doing so calls the config panel to set the NPC according to your needs.



  4. Free

    Berry Exchanger



  5. Free

    Proof of Donation NPC

    Find and change your desire



  6. Free


    A short and simple script named "LevelUpBox".
    Easy to change the item which will gain the player by:

    set .@item$,501; // Level 1 with Item "Red Potion";
    Every 10 level-up the player will gain an item.



  7. Free

    Guardian Stone & Barricade Repair Test Script

    Just like the emperium breaker test.
    Here, you can practice repairing the guardian stones and barricades,
    and sets a time how long you repair the stone or barricade.
    Got 8 rooms available. ( 4 Guardian Stone Rooms & 4 Barricade Rooms )
    Summons barricade when control device is repaired succesfully.
    Set prize for the Best Record Holder.
    Can enable and disable prize distribution.
    Edit map coordinates, if you would like to change the map, under:
    OnInit: //•••••••••••••••••••••••• C O N F I G U R A T I O N ••••••••••••••••••••••••// Credits:
    Idea from Emperium Tester by JinBlack
    Guardian Stone Script -- rAthena-built in



  8. Free


    A Script that enable Player to save his/her current Job Class Data and then able to switch back to what he had saved at any time they want.
    This will allow players to player multiple job class within 1 single Character.
    Configuration :
    OnInit: set .MaxSlot,3; end;   and...please make sure to run this query in your SQL.
    ALTER TABLE `char_reg_str` CHANGE COLUMN `value` `value` TEXT NOT NULL ;   Topic Detail :
    * Use at your own risk. Do backup. *
    Thank you :
    @Peopleperson49  @goddameit



  9. Free

    Guild Pack Giver

    This NPC will Give a Package for each Guild Member take Note: this NPC will record each player IP address to avoid abuse on players side by getting 2 Package in 1 IP.



  10. Free

    Race Of The Day

    This Script will provide players extra EXP , Item or Zeny to Players if they killed designed monsters for the day.
    Player will get extra EXP randomly everyday for each race of monster.
    Player might have chances to get some items from the ROTD when they killed the monsters.



  11. Free

    Limited Items

    This script will limit the inventory of player if the player bring exceeded limitation items into the map.
    For Example :
    Configuration :
    // func_Add( <gm_level_to_bypass>, <map_name>, <item1>,<max_amount1>,....,<itemX>,<max_amountX> ); func_Add( 100,"prontera", 501,1,502,2,503,3,504,5 ); func_Add( 100,"payon", 501,1,502,2,503,3,504,5 ); func_Add( 100,"izlude", 501,1,502,2,503,3,504,5 ); func_Add( 100,"prt_fild08", 4001,1,4002,3,4003,0,504,5 ); Positive = Player can only bring Maximum of that amount of items. 0 = Totally Disabled, player cant bring any of it.



  12. Free

    Multi Currency Shop

    This is a Shop that Allow Players to buy Items using Different type of Currency.
    The Currency used can be Items , Zeny , Cash , CustomVariable.
    Topic Detail :



  13. Free

    Random News

    This Script will auto Announce / Broadcast a Messages randomly every interval of times.
    Configuration :
    Delay to announce:
    OnTimer60000: // announce every 60 seconds. Announcement List:
    OnInit: // Random Message to be Announced setarray .news_list$, "Updated News 1 every X Minute", "Updated News 2 every X Minute", "Updated News 3 every X Minute", "Updated News 4 every X Minute", "Updated News 5 every X Minute", "Updated News 6 every X Minute", "Updated News 7 every X Minute";  



  14. Free

    GM Online List

    This Script will display to players a list of GM in this server.
    Configuration :
    OnInit: .min_group_id = 1; .afk_second = 300; end;



  15. Free

    Farm Zone

    This is a script that Allow Player to Farm / Hunt items from monsters in shortest Time.
    All item that gain inside the Farm Zon are limited by Scripts. Normal Monster / MVP inside the Farm Zone will not drop any Items.
    Currently the Monster summon are random based on Bloody Branch / Dead Branch
    Configuration :

    // Maximum Player can join per X Minutes. set .MaxPlayers,5; // Adding X Minutes of Delay before can go in again. set .DelayMin,15; // Maximum Hunt Limit per round inside the Zone. set .MaxItemLimit,200; // Map that will be used in thos Zone. set .Map$,"guild_vs5"; // Clear Map Every X Minutes. set .RoomCleanMin,15;
    Item Drops List :

    // Normal Monster in Zone Drops Lists if( getarg(0) == 0 ) setarray .ItemList[0],13989,14232,13517,7139,12033,12016,14534; // Normal Boss in Zone Drops Lists if( getarg(0) == 1 ) setarray .ItemList[0],14536,12912,12267,12266,14601,13830,13831,13832,13833;
    Monster Spawn List :

    monster .Map$,0,0,"[ Farm Zone ] Resident",-1,80,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnNormalKill"; monster .Map$,0,0,"[ Farm Zone ] Guardian",-3,5,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBossKill";
    Reward Setting :

    RandomizeItem( <Mode>,<Amount> );
    Mode : 0 = Boss / 1 = Normal Monster



  16. Free


    This is a NPC that enable Players to Write a Message and send to GM Team.
    GM Team are allow to reply to the Messages written by Players.
    There will be notification upon login if there is any New Messages.
    Make sure you have loaded this SQL Table before the NPC is used in your Server.

    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `E-Inquiry` ( `ID` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, `Sender_ID` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', `Sender_Name` varchar(30) NOT NULL default '', `Title` text, `Message` text, `Status` tinyint(2) NOT NULL default '0', `Inquiry_Time` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', `Reply` text, `Reply_Time` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', `Reply_Name` varchar(30) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (`ID`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM;
    Topic Detail :



  17. Free

    DotA Runes

    I believe most of you have heard of this or seen this before in DotA ( Defend of the Ancient )
    Well, this script work alike with the Runes System you seen in the DotA.
    It will give players a Buff / Bonus Randomly .
    Video Preview :

    Configuration :
    OnInit: // Runes Duration in Seconds set .duration,60; // Name of Each Runes. setarray .name$[0], "Double Damage", // 2 x ATK Rate "Invisibility", // Cloaking "Regeneration", // HP / SP Regeneration "Self Clone", // Create 2 Clones "Unlimit Haste"; // Improve Movement Speed // npc sprite switching if any. setarray .npc_sprite, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116; // Random Coordinate where NPC will Shown Again setarray .CoordinateX[0],150,155; setarray .CoordinateY[0],175,175;
    Add in more cases if you add extra Buff / Bonus. ( make sure edit the .names$ Array also )
    switch( .runes ){ case 0: // 2x ATK / MATK sc_start SC_INCATKRATE,( .duration * 1000 ),100; sc_start SC_INCMATKRATE,( .duration * 1000 ),100; break; case 1: // Invisible skill "AS_CLOAKING",10,1; sc_start SC_CLOAKING,( .duration * 1000 ),10; break; case 2: // Restore sc_start4 SC_REGENERATION,( .duration * 1000 ),-10,1,0,0; break; case 3: // Clone getmapxy( .@map$,.@x,.@y,0,strcharinfo(0) ); clone .@map$,.@X,.@y,"",getcharid(0),getcharid(0),"",1,.duration; clone .@map$,.@X,.@y,"",getcharid(0),getcharid(0),"",1,.duration; break; case 4: // Haste sc_start SC_SpeedUp1,( .duration * 1000 ),0; break; default: end; }



  18. Free

    Class Restriction

    This is a script that Prevent / Block certain job from entering specific maps.
    Configuration : (v2)
    Refer to db/[pre-]re/job_noenter_map.txt



  19. Free

    Build Manager

    A NPC that allow your Characters to Switch Build from time to time.
    Players are able to save his current status build , so that he/she can switch back to the saved build whenever he/she want.
    Players no need to keep memorize their status build upon changed.
    Configuration :
    // maximum build player can store (0 = disable) .max_build = 3; // check player weight limit before switching stat (0 = disable) .check_weight_limit = 1;  



  20. Free

    New Izlude Town

    Hi everyone,
    this is an little Patch File for those of you who use an updated kRO RE Client which already contains the new Izlude Town Map which is now used on kRO as the new Tutorial Map!
    Because of this, the Izlude Town Map has been remodelled by Gravity and the NPC and Warp Locations have also been changed to match that new Map, however we on rAthena currently can't support the new Map officialy until we've found an Solution to properly split Pre-RE and RE Content with the rAthena Emulator.
    So I made this File for those People who can't or won't wait until that happens and wants to use it for their Servers which as I said have the new Izlude Town Map.
    I'll also add an updated map_cache for those of you who need it ^^
    Map Cache:



  21. Free

    WoE Setter

    New version of WoE Setter 3 that works without problem with the newest version of rAthena.
    Modified by Vali~
    Original from [GM]Xeon.



  22. Free

    Rentals NPC

    This NPC allows you to rent a mount (peco peco, cart, falcon, mado, dragon, gryphon, anything else).
    If you use this, please give credits !



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