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Scripts that are set up to help players and GMs alike should be posted in this category
Examples: Buffers, Refining Systems, GM Tools, Shops

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  1. Free

    Castle Manager

    In celebration of rA's movement into a new era of IPS4, I decided to finally make a new release.
    It's nothing too fancy, I just got tired of manually rotating castle ownership every time I rotated WoE castles.
    If you've got any suggestions feel free to post 'em!
    I set the permissions for GM 99 only, you guys are welcome to set separate ones per section.
    Some people might decide to let normal players see the guild data.
    Oh and a shout-out to @Euphy, as I used his WoE controller as inspiration, and copied the arrays from it.
    Mirroring in rA just in case. Plus I wanted to test out this downloads section. :]



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    Rynbef's SQL Warper

    This warper is a fully sql based warper. All coordinates, categories or maps can be modified.
    This script contains the following features:
    - Fully SQL based
    - Realtime coordinates, categories or map changes without scriptreload
    - Easy to add new maps or create own categories
    - Restricted maps or sub-maps by renewal/pre-renewal
    - Allow map access by min. group ID
    - Anti-Bypassable last warp function
    - Simple enable or disable categories
    How to install
    1#: Insert the .sql file to your database.
    2#: Copy the script to your script folder and change the settings on the bottom of the file.
    3#: Insert the file to the scripts_custom.conf
    4#: Reload or restart server. Have fun!
    If you have any question about this script or else please contact Rynbef at the rAthena Board.
    The duplicates and coordinates are based on Euphy's Warper.
    The .zip file includes a database structure file to explain how it works.
    !!! --- Dont name this script as your. Dont remove the copyright header. Dont sell this script. --- !!!



  3. Free

    GM Rewarder - Shop-based

    Introduction :
    I made this script roughly early of last year( Jan 2015), quite an old script that left unused in my laptop.
    "GM Rewarder" script become much more popular and widely used across the private service, it was first introduced as "Itemizer" script and made by @Latheesan back in eAthena era.
    Many types of Rewarder npc pop up since then. However, some server still having issue with "corruption" due to untraceable records that was removed by NPC if available, or GM often send rewards to their own characters. Beside, most of the Rewarder NPC that exist in forum required more steps/works to create multiple rewards to send to specific players.
    Right after I made this
    , I decided to play around with Rewarder NPC using same type of features, mainly ease in use.So I am here to share this script to everyone.
    Differences :
    NPC that enable GM to setup rewards and sent to players in ease.
    It allow only GM can send multiple rewards to player, only if GM has that items with them.
    Only players able to claim the rewards.
    All transactions will be recorded, even if GM "deleted" the history, it still exist in database.

    * HHooooorayyy, it's my 8000th posts in rAthena

    Notes :
    There are actually got several unique ways to use/improve this NPC. I dont want to spoonfeed to much, so I will just leave this part to your own imagination/creativity.
    However, if you wish to share your idea to use/improve this NPC with the rest of the community, feel free to leave a comment in this topics.
    Who knows, I might implement your idea into this NPC in case I find it suitable with it.



  4. Free

    Item Collector NPC / Item Sink Strategy

    Introduction :
    The NPC is designed to accept items from players, with contributions being non-recoverable but meticulously logged. A straightforward ranking system showcases players based on their item contributions. Game Masters have the flexibility to leverage and reset these rankings for custom events or creative initiatives at their discretion.

    **  Consider this a deviously delightful item sinking event for your server, complete with devilish flair and strategic mischief. 



  5. Free

    iRO Spooky machine - Refine Event

    Introduction :
    Talk to the machine and it will give you a Cracked Buckler shield. Equip the shield and talk to the machine.
    It will attempt to upgrade it as high as it will go. Depending on what upgrade level the item breaks at you will get a free item! If the buckler is upgraded to +10 or higher it gives a mystery costume!

    References :
    Official Website
    IRO Wiki



  6. Free

    SQL Job Changer

    Tired of searching for a job changer that never satisfied your need ? Try this out !!
    It allow any combination of classes-tree that you can imagine with your brain.
    Example: Common Job Change Sequences

    Novice >> First >> Second >> High First >> High Second >> ThirdNovice >> First >> Second >> High First >> High SecondNovice >> First >> Second >> High SecondNovice >> First >> Second >> ThirdNovice >> All
    * Standard NPC that commonly found in the forum.
    Example: Rare Job Change Sequences
    Novice >> First >> Second >> Second >> Second >> ThirdNovice >> First >> Second >> Third >> Third >> Third
    * Suitable for server who decide to plan for story-lines that allow players to switch to each jobs before they can reach the final class.

    Setup Guide:
    OnInterIfInitOnce: query_sql( "TRUNCATE `e_jobchanger`" ); // dont remove this line if you're not sure what's it. // Add any combination that you like. AddJob( <current job>,<min. base lv>,<min. job lv>,<bonus statpoints>,<bonus skillpoints>,<resetlvl>,<required zeny>,<next job>,...,<next job> ); end;
    Put any combination that you want, and let the NPC done the rest of the setup.
    *current job - current char job class
    *min. base level - minimum base level to qualify for the job advancement.
    *min. job level - minimum job level to qualify for the job advancement.
    *bonus status point - amount of extra status point given to char for the job advancement.
    *bonus skill point - amount of extra skill point given to char for the job advancement.
    *resetlvl - option to reset based on resetlvl.
    *req_zeny - amount of zeny required for the job advancement.
    the rest - all possible option for classes that you intend to allow current job to change to.

    If you don't know how to setup it using the NPC script above, you can remove/disable all the lines within the OnInterIfInit lines.
    You can modify and execute this sample of SQL Database - Job Changer to generate the data required once and for all eternity.

    * Basic knowledge on using SQL Database are required.
    * Don't remove the TRUNCATE line if you're not sure what you're doing.
    * The script suppose to load the setup part once, clear table and re-insert everything. If you removed that, your SQL tables will be a goddamn mess when you loaded for second times and onward.
    * It was suppose to be 2 separated individual script, but I merged it since I am sure there are always some member ask for how to setup the things. Too lazy to answer/spoon-feeding all these questions. So I merged it.
    Future Development:
    If you have any nice suggestion that are useful/interesting, I may consider to implement it in the future.
    Thank in advance.



  7. Free

    Punching Bag with DPS counter

    This is yet another punching bag with DPS counter which I use to experiment with get/setunitdata command.
    Feel free to use.



  8. Free

    Warper ( Locked Map )

    This NPC will allows the player to warp on maps that are unlocked.



  9. Free

    Usable Refinery Ores

    Players are able to click on the Ores items to refine the selected equipment. They can refine their Equipment at anywhere anytime they want.
    Based on requirement of Weapon Level and Type, different ores might be needed as well as Zeny.



  10. Free

    Usable Enchant Item

    Description :
    Players are able to click on the Enchant items to provide custom bonus to the selected equipment.
    Varies of bonus could be done especially use together with a *getequippedon script command to provide a wide range of bonuses.
    The current items and bonuses display in the video is just a sample for demo.
    The origin of the idea come from Diablo and 張阿神.
    Sample Usage:
    callfunc("F_UsableEnchantItem", <delete_item_id>, <enchant_item_id>{, <card_index>});  
    Item Database :
    Create a custom item for enchant
    - Id: 501 AegisName: Red_Potion_Enchant_Usable Name: Red Potion Type: DelayConsume Buy: 10 Weight: 70 Script: | callfunc("F_UsableEnchantItem", 501, 909, 3); Create a custom enchant item with special bonuses.
    - Id: 909 AegisName: Jellopy_Enchant_Item Name: Jellopy Type: Etc Buy: 6 Weight: 10 Flags: BuyingStore: true Script: | .@eqp = getequippedon(); if (.@eqp & EQP_ARMOR) { bonus bVit,100; } if (.@eqp & EQP_HEAD_TOP) { bonus bInt,100; } if (.@eqp & EQP_SHOES) { bonus bAgi,100; }  
    Preview :



  11. Free

    Instant Max Level NPC

    //===== Panda's Script =======================================
    //= Novice Enchantress NCP
    //===== Current Version: =====================================
    //= 1.0
    //===== Compatible With: =====================================
    //= rAthena
    //===== Description: =========================================
    //= NPC to instantly level anyone when they have the required item
    //===== Changelog: =================================
    //= v1.0 - Initial Release



  12. Free

    Simple Guild Manager

    A simple NPC enabling guild creation and guild leader assignment.



  13. Free

    Ragnarok Guild Package NPC

    Guild package Redeemer NPC
    [NPC Information]
    1.Package Code Generator
    2.Package Code ( for Guild with Players of the same IP )
    3.Different Package set for Guild Master.
    4.Different Package set for Guild Member.
    To Redeem the guild package:
    1.Should be a Guild Master
    2.Required Minimum Guild Member. (8 default)
    3.All Guild Members should be Online
    4.Non Duplicate IP Check ( to avoid multiple login of single player )
    5.Duplicate IP Check ( Use the code to bypass IP check )
    6.Online Status Check
    7.First time to Redeem GPack (IP Based)



  14. Free

    Newbie NPC

    Just a simple Freebie NPC that will give out bound rewards and can easily be configured since it's pretty much very straight forward. Perfect for people who are just starting.



  15. Free

    GM Assistance NPC

    v1.0(Original) - Simple @request sent to GMs
    v1.1 - Added Delay and Number of GMs online
    v1.2 - Added changing waitingroom title and check if there are available GMs
    v1.3 - Added @request command for easier access for players
    Simple NPC used to contact GMs when one is available or is online.



  16. Free


    It's a really simple script which warns some players when used.
    I made use of it to be warned if something didn't go right in some big scripts where you can be lost.
    It helped to correct some bugs more easily and to catch some people trying to cheat
    It's used like this:
    callfunc "WarnMe","this is a test","<your player name>","<other player name>"{,"<other player name>",{...}};//it will send a notification to all players mentionned, if they're not connected they'll receive it on relog
    I'll give you an example:
    while (getvariableofnpc(.battle,getarg(0))) { if (getpetinfo(0) != getvariableofnpc(.pet_gid,getarg(0))) { callfunc "WarnMe",""+strcharinfo(0)+" a change de pokemon","kuro" ; dispbottom "C'est pas bien d'essayer de tricher...",0xffff00 ; end; }
    It tells me if someone changes his pet during a pokemon fight and so I can punish him
    Well it's not something you'd often use but it can be ueful sometimes.



  17. Free

    Auto shop

    This script will allow players to shop their items while playing via a shop NPC, this is kind of an alternative to the auction system.
    Note: There's also a french version since I'm french ^^
    There is a user setup, be sure to check it out !

    User can add a cost to shop creation and/or a tax, there's also a delay after which the shop is deleted.
    Players can create a shop using an item or via the '@shop' command, depending on the mode value in the user setup
    Players can shop any kind of item apart from bound and time-limit items
    You can add items, change prices, modify your shop name anytime using the '@shop' command
    You can disconnect and reconnect anytime, if you sold something and/or your shop was deleted you will get your money and items on relog
    In case the server reboots you also get back the shop creation's cost or the item you used to open it

    Please report any bug you find.
    If I can't answer you while you are experiencing bugs, consider following this step:
    Make sure no one is selling when you do this because they will loose all of their sales !!

    Note: you can just reloadscript before doing this to give them back all of their items.
    //bindatcmd "delall",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnDelall",99,99; /*In case you have problems I recommend you to uncomment this command and to execute it. It will erase all the data of every shop and every player. I myself experienced some issues not directly related to the script but to unexpected events so reseting data should temporarly solve the problem. Please contact me on rA (Kurofly) if you experience any bug*/



  18. Free


    This basically is a script wich allows an admin to use 2 commands:
    -'@var <variable> {<player/npc>}' :
    gives you the value of the variable
    -'@setvar <variable> <value> {<player/npc>}':
    Sets the variable to value
    The script will check wether you want to set an integer or string variable and acts accrodingly so no need to bother for this.
    If you don't enter enough parameters you will be informed on how the commands works so basically you can just type '@var' and '@setvar' in game to see how it works.
    I made this to help me finding out where my errors were in some scripts and also to directly go at a certain point of a quest.
    I found that pretty useful so I guess you may think it's useful too ^^
    Wanted to say "Have fun!" but this script won't give you much fun so just hope that'll help



  19. Free

    Reach to the Max

    I made a little changes on this script. and all settings can be seen in the script.
    OnInit: // NPC Header Name .np$ = "[^009900 Race Event ^000000]"; // Activate Event? 1 = on / 0 = off default .e_active = 1; // Set the first account id here // to where you want to start this event. .acc_strt = 2000000; // Set the last accound id here // beyond this account id will no // longer acceptable. .acc_end = 2000020; // Max Base & Job Level here! .b_lvl = 99; .j_lvl = 70; // Rewards per winner. <itemid1>,<itemamt1>,.... setarray .itemre, 501,10,502,10,503,10,504,10,505,5; // Waitingroom waitingroom "Race Event",0; end;  



  20. Free

    Simple Cool Anti-Bot

    This is a Simple Code Improved by me and Originally the method was from Brian.
    Random bot check will trigger when killing a mob.
    25% Chance to trigger when killing a Mob.
    If already passed the bot check. you will not be check again in the future. (Until you Recon)
    You have 3 Chance to prove that you are not Bot.
    If you fail. 10days of jail time.
    If you reconnect during the checkpoint. you will return in checkpoint after reconnecting.
    I have tested this in my server and works fine to me.
    If you found bug. Please report it
    PS: Sorry for my Grammar and Messy look Script



  21. Free

    Unofficial Fallen Angel Wing (FAW) Enchantment

    Unofficial Fallen Angel Wing (FAW) Enchants
    This script should do exactly what is written on iRO wiki's FAW Enchants page, but you can easily change some settings as specified below.
    Also, kindly press that reputation button if you find this helpful. This is my first script release, so why not encourage me to release more by pressing that button?
    Custom Settings:
    If set to 1, lower-level enchants are more likely to be enchanted. If set to 0, all levels have an equal chance to be enchanted (true random).
    // 1 = 60% low, 30% mid, 10% high for 1st & 2nd enchant slot && 40% low, 30% mid, 20% high, 10% special for 3rd enchant slot// 0 = Equal Chance.chancetype = 1;
    Cost for enchanting.
    //Cost for Enchanting. It's free in iRO //.cost=0;
    Cost for resetting enchants.
    //Cost to reset | Costs 1Mz in iRO .cost2 = 1000000;
    If set to 1, it lets the player to equip the garment while the script is running. Set to 0 to disable.
    //Turn on Equip Selection if garment is unequipped? 1 = Yes .autoequip =1;
    Additional Notes:
    You may want to change the effects of the Fatal Enchants as rAthena's effects are different from iRO's.
    //iRO Fatal effect4863,Fatal1Lv,Fatal1Lv,6,10,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,{ bonus bCritAtkRate,4; bonus bCritical,1; },{},{}4864,Fatal2Lv,Fatal2Lv,6,10,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,{ bonus bCritAtkRate,6; bonus bCritical,2; },{},{}4865,Fatal3Lv,Fatal3Lv,6,10,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,{ bonus bCritAtkRate,8; bonus bCritical,3; },{},{}4866,Fatal4Lv,Fatal4Lv,6,10,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,{ bonus bCritAtkRate,10; bonus bCritical,4; },{},{}



  22. Free

    Utility: Super Novice Prayer Command

    Hello, this script it's a command that will make any Super Novice of any level to pray and call for its Guardian Angel so it will be able to cast Critical Explosion and get + 50 Critical Rate.
    I made this because in my server the Super Novice Prayer text didn't work and i couldn't figure out how to make it work so i made this command.
    Thanks to Dastgir now it has a gettimestick which makes the player wait the 180 Seconds to call once again the Guardian Angel. First version was a mess lol
    If you want to add some checks to fit your needs feel free to do it. If you can't or you don't know how to, feel free to ask for support.
    This is my second script release so please be gentile
    Have fun guys : )



  23. Free

    Utility: Effect List

    A simple script that will allow users to cycle through the effects listed in 'effect_list.txt'. These effects were tested using client version: 2013-08-07a.
    Older clients (such as Pre-Renewal Clients) may result in errors due to not having those effects inside them.



  24. Free

    IP Ban Script

    IP Ban Script
    This script will allow you to Ban any IP from your server.



  25. Free

    Everyday bonuses

    Monday - exp
    2 - Zeny
    3 - MvP
    4 - HP
    5 - Guild
    6 - Cast time



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