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  2. Change this: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/972a14e4ed3c2ae15f5acb60652cf0c3db1d0deb/src/map/skill.cpp#L13386 To this: if( (skill_get_type(sg->skill_id) == BF_MAGIC && ((battle_config.land_protector_behavior) ? map_getcell(bl->m, bl->x, bl->y, CELL_CHKLANDPROTECTOR) : map_getcell(unit->bl.m, unit->bl.x, unit->bl.y, CELL_CHKLANDPROTECTOR)) && sg->skill_id != SA_LANDPROTECTOR) || and this: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/972a14e4ed3c2ae15f5acb60652cf0c3db1d0deb/src/map/skill.cpp#L18489 To this: if( !(skill_get_inf2(group->skill_id)&(INF2_SONG_DANCE|INF2_TRAP)) && !(skill_get_inf3(group->skill_id)&(INF3_NOLP)) && group->skill_id != NC_NEUTRALBARRIER && (battle_config.land_protector_behavior ? map_getcell(bl->m, bl->x, bl->y, CELL_CHKLANDPROTECTOR) : map_getcell(unit->bl.m, unit->bl.x, unit->bl.y, CELL_CHKLANDPROTECTOR)) )
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  4. Hello, what are the recommend hosting for ragnarok. can handle 10k players.. thank you.
  5. buy from OLROX its cheaper i think only 1$
  6. Good day rathena! About Comfort of the Stars.. the day is Multiple by 5 right? its not working for me.. // Allow use of SG skills without proper day (Sun/Moon/Star) ? allow_skill_without_day: no I don't want to enable this.. so that it will stay to the proper day which file would i open to see the day multiple of 5?
  7. i tried it too with normal accounts still can warp does it needs to restart the server or just reload script? i also tried reloading the script still nothing happens..
  8. Did you used GM accounts? If so try with normal accounts.
  9. already done that but nothing happens i also tried editing mapflags on pre-renewal still nothing happens can still @warp on those maps
  10. how to disable the @warp on thana boss? here's what i did on npc/mapflags/nowarpto.txt but still dosnt work also i tried adding other maps but it dosnt work.. can anyone fix my problem thankyou in advance
  11. /effect /mineffect /aura /aura2 Try it, It's should show if you didn't change anything since it worked.
  12. Thanks @Mael. How would I correct it? I am still learning how to read source codes. Any help would be much appreciated. i am using an old trunk of rathena 972a14e4ed3c2ae15f5acb60652cf0c3db1d0deb
  13. Thank you very much, it worked just fine
  14. Hai can you help me guys?suddenly my costume shining effect is gone.. i dont know why.. effect already on.. do you know about it?
  15. I can use this npc but for other types of items that are not cards? like equipment for example or usable items? I don't know much code, if anyone can make this change I would appreciate it.
  16. The server is still under development, There are suggestions and bugs to be fixed and I am looking for another developer to help my lead developer in making this server great. We are an organize a team that performs their respective task carefully with integrity. I am looking for a developer who can do the following responsibilities: Implement or finish task assigned on time Must be an experience scripter and source with rAthena Knowledge Fixing Codes and alteration of Codes "improvements" Fixing Source and alteration of source "improvements" Updating game mechanics Bug fixing and tracking Implementation of some deliverables Document and log work Follow Development process *you will work with another lead developer* A creative mind for future enhancements & features. If you can make our dream come true (custom scripts) Then it is a bonus with good pay. Expectations: Applicants should be able to work at least 4 hours per weekday, Applicants must have a understand and religiously be: trustworthy, patient, kind, respectful, responsible, optimistic, keen to help. Payment: Will be through paypal (USD) Prices are negotiable. To Apply:PM Me here on rAthena, or add me on Discord @Anthem#9676Be sure to send your rAthena profile
  17. Yesterday
  18. Royr


    Not really? but it's totally working without any issues.
  19. Hola buenas, tengo un problema en mi emulador, necesito hacer que el hatred pueda ser targeteado en el emperium, probe con skill_db.txt pero en mi emulador está reemplazado por skill_db.yml Tampoco se si se puede subir el daño especifico que hace el Star Gladiator hacia el emperium en caso que no lo anterior no pueda ser configurado. espero su ayuda gracias!
  20. Your problem is in skill.cpp you must correct the 2 lines that you modified.
  21. Can someone make an Bigger emperium?
  22. int64 value = pc_readregistry(sd, reference_uid(add_str("VARIABLE"), 0)); 0 = THE Index if you are using array , if not leave it 0
  23. hello everyone, would anyone know how to tell me the simplest way to access a permanent char variable that i created in a player but by src?
  24. I tried this but i got these errors
  25. Did anyone experienced this one? I'm trying to install the Extended BG of Vykimo... I asked for a help but he told me to reproduce the problem which I have no idea how to reproduce since I kinda have a lot of players in my server. Crash Dump Report : https://pastebin.com/DkR1p0Ae Map-server error :
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