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  2. Even though it takes 100 cash points away on buy? Maybe I didn't explain the bug properly... So I start out with 0 cash points Use 1 TCG card(gives me 100 cash points) Buy item for 100 cash points(now I'm at 0 again) Use TCG card again and now I'm at 200 cash points(rather then the 100 I'm supposed to be at) Yes this is own script. But if it removes the cash points I'd assume it works right, just don't understand how they are becoming +100 net positive on cash points only after buying an item.
  3. HI - I followed the installation guide on Wiki for CentOS, managed to compile the server. However when I try to use my test VPS IP for mysql connection in conf folder, server cant connect to mysql but if I use, it connects just fine. Tried using Workbench to access my database remotely, but I can't establish a connection. Seems like the mysql server or MariaDB only allows connection from localhost or How do I fix this?
  4. Do you mean max it can reach is +10 ? or if +4 use, can become +14 ? if (getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]) == 10) { mes "[Refine Master]"; mes "This ^006400"+getequipname([email protected])+"^8B4513 is PERFECT, no need to refine it anymore~"; close; } for(set [email protected],1; [email protected]<=10; set [email protected],[email protected]+1)
  5. i think thats because of your script checking cash are not correct. what npc or feature are you using ? I think you didnt use Cash Shop button feature, but use your own npc script to trade cashpoints item.
  6. @utofaery Hi! how can i add custom points? Ex. Pvp Points Hourly Points Cash Points
  7. @x13th History > Game Login Log isn't showing any results. Same issue should be affecting ServiceDesk (Not tested yet)
  8. hello I am working in a custom npc that can display a character information, but I am really noob in the Synthax of rAthena. hofs,106,60,5 character info display 94,{ mes "[char info display]"; setd "[email protected]$", "testeo"; setd "[email protected]$", "character description"; setd "[email protected]$", "paladin"; mes [email protected]$,[email protected]$, [email protected]$; } but I would like to use the query sql ("SELECT for read all the especifict information of a character ID that I put as a variable in the npc directly. query_sql("SELECT
  9. @Emistry can u add Change sex ? and need 1m zeny to change sex
  10. Did you recompile your server after you put back the old maps? i think you need to recompile it
  11. Only those field that is disabled, like moc_fild15
  12. Old Town map or ? all maps of morocc?
  13. Hi guys, I need your help. I wanted to add the items of my choice for the NPC to refine and I need to know what to change and where to put the IDS for the npc to recognize the items. and if it is possible to limit the refining to +10 Thanks
  14. Appreciate the help @Radian. Thank you.
  15. Okay, an update to this issue. I found out the exploit. When using 1 TCG card on my server it gives 100 cash points. When buying lets say 100 cash point item(should put your cash at 0) and then using TCG card it now gives you 100 net positive. So that puts you at 200 points instead of 100. Where would be the best place to look at fixing this issue? Also not sure if this is affecting other servers or not. Found out before Gepard they were using RPE to exploit this unlimited times. But now it just doubles your cash points.
  16. hi Guys i wanted to add custom jobs. i Followed the guides from here How to add custom job on rAthena Rv.17704 - General Support - rAthena but it turned out that it was an old guide can someone make a New guide for Adding Custom jobs ?? it would be cool. Thank You
  17. How to make Wizard Link adding 10% reduce skill cast delay like kiel effect. and Also enable to use Level 10 Heal, Thanks in advance.
  18. Can somebody help me with this issue. T_T - when looting item , sometimes my character stuck and cannot loot. Thanks in adv. video-1618648261.mp4
  19. I have started the work on this but didn't have any time nor interest to finish but I could get a proof of concept working. The concept is somewhat basic but I took a different approach than the officials, where they create a clone from your character and open the stall using that clone. I used the existing system for auctions and hooked an external web app to list the auctions. That external app would be able to buy the items, notifying the running server and then the server would send mails to both the seller and the buyer with their items. The external app talk via REST to a NodeJS/Express server which connects to rAthena via TCP streams and exchange raw packets. It seems a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of how packets work you'll be fine. On the rAthena side I've hooked some methods and packets to open/close auctions and to send mails. Node/Express server can be found here https://github.com/Danil0v3s/react.cp rAthena modifications can be found here https://github.com/Danil0v3s/broriginal/pull/11 And the external app I've created to use as a launcher using Electron.JS can be found here https://github.com/Danil0v3s/broriginal-launcher Any of these wouldn't be possible without the help from Norminator, Nitrous, Zell and many others. If you have any questions regarding any of these, I'll keep an eye on this thread. And please, bear in mind that I haven't created any of these to be used by anyone else but me, so you won't find any comments or anything explaining anything and some solutions are completely hammered just to work
  20. Its not sir, im trying to bring old morocc https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/7a1ea09eb1a69512651431a672c339991c7af226/conf/maps_athena.conf#L125
  21. Aren’t those maps enabled by default ?
  22. Hi, Im trying to enable the following Sograt Desert fields 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 14, and 15 Everytime i tried to do @warp it says Map not found for all Changes below ,
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