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  1. I will use it well on my server. Thank you.
  2. zigk

    limit MATK

    I wanted to limit MATK to 65k Currently in the 65k emulator the MATK ends up resenting and bugging I've been looking for months to find a way to limit MATK through the forum and found nothing that worked, I'm using the latest version of the rathena and I'm building a pre-re server. Thank you for your attention
  3. Hi, How do I add a custom aura to an item when worn? I manage to do it with this code: {},{misceffect 200;}, {} I use "@ go/ warp" command and its only visible to the wearer and the players Thanks in advance
  4. Double Casting Exhibition You'll be able to activate the three bolts. I'd like to change it.
  5. I tried to create the first server for the first time. I want to know why this phrase occurs.
  6. I'm a beginner who wants to open a server. I want to know why this phrase occurs.
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