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Script Showcase Section?  

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I want a place to showcase scripts and mini-games and instances that I've made but not necessary release them. A place that I can get comments and feedback. We have that for graphics things but I think a "Script Showcase" section under scripts could be useful. Thoughts?

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22 hours ago, M a p l e said:

You are just making it easy to showcase script in order to PM sales. 😅

PMing someone to soliciting sales is against the forums rules and would result in infractions, but someone else contacting you because they've seen your work isn't.
So yeah, I don't think this is necessary a bad thing. I'd also like to reiterate that the Graphic Section has had this since 2011. But, I respect your input all the same.

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Showcase forum is good to have, at least it allow member to showcase their idea and content. Afterall, Scripting Forum is the most popular category in the forum. It enable more interaction between members. 

On the other hand, advertising for product is fine, we have the forum to do it and the rules to follow. But the problem is that a lot member try to make use of showcase title to somehow advertise their product, bypass forum rules, and the forum mods have a hard time to tell whether they are actually just for showcase or advertising a product. At the same time, if a member planning to advertising a product, the forum would prefer them to use the IP Download System which enable forum to earn some commission to stay alive, however the payout is terrible, so most of the member just skip it and use other way (ex: showcase) to advertise their product. 

Honestly, some time we just would like to hear some feedback about the showcase idea or content to improve it, not the annoying PM for Sales! How much? If you have "feedback", My Discord is xyz blablabla....

Members nowadays just love to create a showcase topic (or even attempts to join as staff team), just so that they could showcase their product and boost their sales.


Anyway, if really want to enable showcase forum, I really hope the forum consider to make a way to make it clear that the topic is either just showcase idea or showcase a product, remove they grey area. Members should be only can showcase their idea or content but shouldn't be allow to showcase a product there unless they followed the forum rules and earned the right to advertise it. Same should apply to graphic showcase forum.

Thx for reading, just my 2cents...

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