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Aura problem


screen.jpg.2d20d07ca338e532df21045ede7a588c.jpg                           screen2.jpg.ff6295b50740335dca1a9935d3c2e1a2.jpg

Hello to the whole Rathena community,
As you can see from the screenshot, I have a little problem with my aura, it seems that it inexplicably overlaps.
I am currently using the official aura

I do not know if it comes from there but here is my conf to propose the aura in client.conf:

// Maximum allowed 'level' value that can be sent in unit packets.
// Use together with the aura_lv setting to tell when exactly to show the aura.
// NOTE: You also need to adjust the client if you want this to work.
// NOTE: Default is 99. Values above 127 will probably behave incorrectly.
// NOTE: If you don't know what this does, don't change it!!!
max_lv: 500

// Level required to display an aura.
// NOTE: This assumes that sending max_lv to the client will display the aura.
// NOTE: aura_lv must not be less than max_lv.
// Example: If max_lv is 99 and aura_lv is 150, characters with level 99~149
//          will be sent as being all level 98, and only characters with level
//          150 or more will be reported as having level 99 and show an aura.
aura_lv: 500



Someone has an idea or can come from this rather disturbing bug ...
I hope I did not choose the wrong place to report my problem, I apologize in advance. Likewise for my bad English, I use the google translator.

Thank you for your possible response.

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