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  1. madali lang ifix yan. dahil yan sa hiding animation need mo ibypass yun pede mo yun magawa sa src / map / clif.cpp
  2. you need to put this on your css and call css file in your html file or put the code in style bracket
  3. if(@minute == 60){ if(getcharid(0) == player char id){ set @minute,0; set [email protected]_amt, 1; //Points to get every min (default: 10) set #KAFRAPOINTS, #KAFRAPOINTS + [email protected]_amt; dispbottom "sdasfaff"; dispbottom "Current Balance = "+#KAFRAPOINTS+" Kafrapoints"; set @consecutive_hour, @consecutive_hour + 1; }else{ message } } //Check for 5 hour consecutive if(@consecutive_hour == 5) { if(getcharid(0) == player char id){ set @consecutive_hour,0; set [email protected]_amt, 100; //Points to get for 5 Consecutive hours (default: 100) set #KAFRAPOINTS, #KAFRAPOINTS + [email protected]_amt; dispbottom "dsdsdgsgs"; dispbottom "Current Balance = "+#KAFRAPOINTS+" Kafrapoints"; }else{ message } }
  4. ..\_tmpEmblem\..\data\texture\effect\flaggraffiti0.ebm ..\_tmpEmblem\..\data\texture\effect\flaggraffiti0.ebm i think this is the caused of the crash.
  5. @Sergardo you can add any pub you want in the script. @gidzdlcrz @Loke wait for the admin to accept the new update.
  6. use this go bind script to solve your problem.
  7. did you diff your client to read msgstringtable.txt?
  8. are you talking about in the notice.html or the news box? you need to put this on your css news box ::-webkit-scrollbar { display: none; }
  9. if you have gepard and want to update trans job class sprite you need to put it in gepard.grf and give it to functor to allow it.
  10. getitembound 1202,1,Bound_Account; getitembound 1202,1,Bound_Guild; getitembound 1202,1,Bound_Party; getitembound 1202,1,Bound_Char;
  11. you need to use different script. cuz as the title says it use gepard function (unique_id) anyway other version of freebies npc. jupe_ele,41,34,5 script Freebies 435,{ if(#freebies1 == 1) goto F_1; if (BaseLevel < 1) goto L_1; mes "[Freebies NPC]"; mes "Hi! "+strcharinfo(0)+""; mes "You will recieve 1 Krane Ragnarok Online Freebies"; mes "Thanks For Joining Here , Wish Too See You in the Future."; next; //ITEM CONFIG getitem 512,1; emotion ET_THX; set #freebies1,1; close; OnInit: waitingroom "Freebies NPC",0; end; L_1: mes "[Freebies NPC]"; mes "You must be level 1 to Enjoy Our Freebies"; emotion ET_THX; close; F_1: mes "[Freebies NPC]"; mes "Enjoy Playing Krane-RO !"; emotion ET_STARE; close; }
  12. this is per account already or you want every account can claim even same ip/unique id?
  13. go to : conf / battle / player.conf // Will display rate information (EXP, Drop, and Death penalty message)? (Note 1) vip_disp_rate: yes
  14. all you have to do is paste it in SQL queries.
  15. use clean server grf. and try to put palette grf
  16. job_db1.txt // Structure of Database://JobID,Weight,HPFactor,HPMultiplicator,SPFactor,Unarmed,Dagger,1HSword,2HSword,1HSpear,2HSpear,1HAxe,2HA
  17. BeWan

    Aura problem

    data/texture/effect check this path. maybe you have custom aura file in your grf.
  18. post the error message.
  19. yes its possible to add VIP status icon.
  20. do it on loadmap. so if the characters enter in specific map " BG registration map " you have a script that will validate if there's a dual.
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