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FluxCP Addon: Create Charater + Web Stylist


I am looking for 2 old addons that I can not find on this forum and google... one was called "Create Character" and was linked to this page: http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2536-fluxcp-addon-create-character/

The other is currently visible from this link and allowed to try colors and haircuts directly from Fluxcp: http://cp.originsro.org/character/stylist/#j=0&d=0&h=1&c=1&s=0&g=M

I'm not sure but they could both be the same addon!
Thanks for your help.

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They're not the same.

The Create Character addon was removed and the generator on OriginsRO is some nice use of javascript. You can achieve similar with rochargen functionality.

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ok, I managed to implement it alone in Fluxcp (and I'm not a coder!)... I leave the simple instructions if someone who is not as skilled as me and needs it:

Open "/themes/default/character/view.php"


<img src="<?php echo $image ?>" />

Replace with

<img src="/ROChargenPHP/character/<?php echo htmlspecialchars($char->char_name) ?>" />


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