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  1. Anyone? I'm using this commit on this problem : 24c4c4 Can anyone help me in this problem? Thank you so much!
  2. As the title said, why the /mineffect has been automatically turned on when I use teleport on the map? My client date is 2015-11-04aRagexe. Can someone enlighten me what's happening on /mineffect command? Thank you in advance.
  3. Is there a way to adjust the Login Panel Position when the client starts? This is what I'm talking about: I just want to adjust it to the left side.
  4. Maybe, but it won't show the message so it didn't trigger the script I added.
  5. Can anyone help me on how to prevent usage of Fly Wing, Butterfly Wing and Teleport Skill when attacked by "Player" on a field/dungeon that is PVP On? But if the player didn't attack/attacked by any player, he/she can use those items/skill and like a normal map. But if the player attack other player or being attacked by other player, he/she can't use it. I tried to add this on skill.cpp but it doesn't work. case AL_TELEPORT: case ALL_ODINS_RECALL: if(sd) { + if (!battle_config.prevent_logout || sd->canlog_tick == 0 || DIFF_TICK(gettick(), sd->canlog_tick) > battle_config.prevent_logout) { + char output[128]; + sprintf(output, "Please wait %d seconds before warping.", battle_config.prevent_logout/1000); + clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, output); + break; + } This code is from @Mabuhay's @go/@warp prevents when attacked/attack.
  6. Hi, how can I use this for Fly/Butterfly Wing and Teleport Skill? Is there a way to use this code for those items/skill? Thank you.
  7. It works! Thank you very much for responding on my problem for potential bug abuse. Hopefully they appreciate all the people who wants to collaborate even if its small/alone as long as it is important on the emulator. I'll vote your post so if there's anyone who needs this fix on their server can use it. Thank you again and stay safe!
  8. Can anyone help me how to prevent reflecting damage while a paladin is in safety wall? I read some of the threads in both rA and herc that it is the default behavior of Safety Wall and Reflect Shield but it is a Potential Bug-Abuse for normal players and I don't see anyone solved this on the threads I read. Hopefully someone will help me with this scenario on Safety Wall with Reflect Shield. Thank you so much.
  9. So if I comment out that 2, they will get full exp + number of party members %?
  10. Yeah, I want to give the all players 100% exp of monster + n% of party members count.
  11. Is it 1% of 1,000 is 10? But yeah, so I want is if the Party has a 10 members, all must receive 1100 (1000 + 10%). So my edit is correct?
  12. How can I make the Even Party Exp Bonus into additional 1% exp per member in the party? I made it like this: Party.conf // Give additional experience bonus per party-member involved on even-share parties (excluding yourself)? // ex. If set to 10, an even-share party of 5 people will receive +40% exp (4 members * 10% exp): // 140% party experience in total, so each member receives 140%/5 = 28% exp (instead of 20%). party_even_share_bonus: 1 Party.cpp if (battle_config.party_even_share_bonus && c > 1) { // double bonus = 100 + battle_config.party_even_share_bonus*(c-1); // // if (base_exp) // base_exp = (unsigned int) cap_value(base_exp * bonus/100, 0, UINT_MAX); // if (job_exp) // job_exp = (unsigned int) cap_value(job_exp * bonus/100, 0, UINT_MAX); // if (zeny) // zeny = (unsigned int) cap_value(zeny * bonus/100, INT_MIN, INT_MAX); double bonus = 100 + battle_config.party_even_share_bonus*c; if (base_exp) base_exp = (unsigned int) cap_value(base_exp * bonus, 0, UINT_MAX); if (job_exp) job_exp = (unsigned int) cap_value(job_exp * bonus, 0, UINT_MAX); if (zeny) zeny = (unsigned int) cap_value(zeny * bonus, INT_MIN, INT_MAX); } I edit the party.cpp because I don't want to divide the bonus on how many members inside of the party. I want it to make 12% more exp if the party consist of 12 members (including party leader). Please tell me if this edit is correct or please give me instructions on how to make the exp bonus I want. Thank you in advance!
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