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September Digest 2017

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September Digest 2017
The following digest covers the month of September, 2017.


Staff Changes

  • None.

Development Highlights

  • CORE:
    • Removed reset of monster drops on mobdb reload (f197f82f)
    • Corrected broadcast item flag with autoloot (dfe714e9)
    • Resolved bonus WeaponMATKRate (e92fc967)
    • Migrated script.c to C++ (965edbf4,0379774c,60d59124,528539f6,38d225c4,6434a830)
    • Adds allow_bound_sell configuration (557cccac)
    • Corrected OPT1 behavior (5c7c0893)
    • Refine overhaul (e24d30a7)
    • Updated alternate 3rd job bodystyles (78c63c3a)
    • Fixed msvc warning casting int to bool in getequiprefinecost (70f1d864)
    • Corrected Elemental flee calculation (1bfe8475)
    • Migrated clif.c to C++ (80a251ef)
    • Shadow Refiner and getequiprefinecost (cd43f32f)
    • Corrected script command instance ID lookups (82ed67a0)
    • Changed atcommand follow behavior (d9a2bdbe)
    • Updated Kaite renewal behavior (ee552d67)
    • Adds pk_mode_mes displayed on joining a pk zone (0e4ffdac,e6ec0f52)
    • Added support for some missing clients (7de74727)
    • Corrected Elemental Cure healing behavior (ab014246)
    • Updated Rune Stone item behavior (d353b668)
    • Updated Guillotine Poison item behavior (6ef8a97c)
    • Leprechaun_Hat should be refineable (969c10fb)
    • Resolved Lex Aeterna autospell for Laser of Eagle (734ec225)
    • Corrected Bawaya Agimat Tattoo item bonus (549d6f5b)
    • Added new mob db placeholders (6899c89e)
    • Corrected a second changequest attempt in Assassin Job Change quest (470364cb)
    • Fixed a warning in HorrorToyFactory (b275412b,3cc29d04)
    • Fixed typo in achievements.txt (c71f1050)
    • Fixed duplicate NPC location (052b9bc8)
    • Fixed a potential map-server crash (b4952aae,5fda4f0f)
    • Updated item group file location in documentation (82222084)
    • Fixed potential crash in pc_bonus (0e74b5f5)
    • Updated script command callshop documentation (2572bbbc)


  • Excluding merges, 12 authors have pushed 41 commits to master and 74 commits to all branches.
  • On master, 62 files have changed.
  • There have been 2,632 additions and 694 deletions.
  • There are 21 merged Pull Requests and 8 Proposed Pull Requests.
  • There are 7 new Issues and 42 Closed Issues.

List of Contributors

  • @admkakaroto, @Akkarinage, @aleos89, @anacondaqq, @anity99, @Atemo, @Barigas, @cydh, @Daegaladh, @esu1214, @Everade, @Felleonel, @Haikenz, @jenkijo, @Jeybla, @Lemongrass3110, @LiamKarlMitchell, @luan122, @Mikegyver, @MrAntares, @panko11, @Paoly28, @Playtester, @plsfixrito, @RadianFord, @sader1992, @secretdataz, @technoken, @uddevil, @vstumpf, @whupdo, @Yuchinin, @Zellukas

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Very nice! well done rAthena. /no1

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Thanks for the updates /thx/thx/thx

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