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  1. Crazy Cram

    Rate my First Paid FluxCP Design

    Such a wonderful compliment. Thank you guys.
  2. Crazy Cram

    Rate my First Paid FluxCP Design

    Really, a similar kind of website like this has already exist? Oh sorry. Thanks anyway Edit: Removed double quote
  3. Layout Preview: Live Preview: Kindly rate my first paid fluxCP design so I will know if my customer will also expect high quality websites from my creativity. Rate it from 1- worst to 10 - best
  4. Crazy Cram

    Untradable Items

    Okay, figured it out. Thank you~
  5. Crazy Cram

    Untradable Items

    May I know how to do it?
  6. Crazy Cram

    Untradable Items

    Should I need to put the items 1by1? Isn't there anyway to make "ALL" items untradable in a single line? And the listed items will be the one to be tradable. (it will be like the opposite way)
  7. Crazy Cram

    Untradable Items

    Hello! I just need to know how to make all items untradable except in chosen or listed items?