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  1. @loolp Yeah i diff the number 9 but i still haven't tested it.
  2. @loolp you diffed working properly ?
  3. I've already done searching for guides but most of it seems OLD and can't apply to the latest git, is there anyone know how to ADD CUSTOM JOB 2019 ? Note: Im using 2015 client so i can ENABLE CUSTOM JOB. I've perfectly apply this guide : but still i have an error. Please Guide me thanks.
  4. Im using 2018 12 04 client, i use /effect to off the effect but the effect still seing is it a bug? Sorry for my bad english
  5. is anyone have that setup ?
  6. but still How to fix Taekwon Boy, Girl Character ? Client : 2015-11-04aRagexe
  7. How can i add flux item icons and item images ?
  8. Did you Clean before you recompile it ? ./configure, make clean, make server.
  9. use latest kro then you can have it.
  10. @Youness nope. lets wait for the lastest code.