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  1. Ragnarok english translation project

    client sprites link are dead!
  2. August Digest 2017

    Awesome <3 Thank you guys
  3. LF> Script Helper/Admin

    Can i ?
  4. About the Achievement System

    Ohh i get it thanks <3
  5. About the Achievement System

    How does AG_ADVENTURE works ? is it still under development ? i try several times and walk on the maps that quest are talking about but still it can't complete the quest or finish it. - Sorry for my bad english
  6. How can i disable doram race in latest client ?

    Thank you my friends <3
  7. How can i disable doram creation at latest character creation window ? , Some private Servers using 2016 - 2017 client with latest character creation and they change the doram selection by Server Rules and Regulations Info how to do that ? Sorry for my bad english.

    Di po kita yung binigay nyong link :3
  9. RoBrowser Revival

    Thumbs up for this Project, I hope this project succeed.
  10. Count to a Million

  11. About Achievement System

    Where i can edit the Exploration Quest and how i can set i to a certain map ?
  12. July Digest 2017

    Thank you <3 Salute!
  13. Freebies Giver With All Buffs

    Ok I'll get it im newbie here
  14. Cash to Pods

    prontera,166,161,3 script Pods Trader 437,{ Main: switch(select( "POD to Cash", "Cash to POD", "^FF0000Close^000000")){ Case 1: mes "Please insert the amount of POD you want to change to cash."; mes "Each POD = 1 Cash Points."; input @Amount,0,countitem(7179); next; if ( @Amount < 1 ) goto Main; mes "You have successfully changed "[email protected]+" of POD into Cash."; mes "Currently you have "+#CASHPOINTS+" CashPoints."; delitem 7179,@Amount; set #CASHPOINTS,#[email protected]; next; goto Main; Case 2: mes "Please insert the amount of POD you want."; mes "Each POD Cost 1 CashPoints."; input @Amount,0,#CASHPOINTS; next; if ( @Amount < 1 ) goto Main; mes "You have successfully exchange Cashpoint into POD."; getitem 7179,@Amount; set #CASHPOINTS,#[email protected]; next; goto Main; } } cash to pods.txt