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  1. mharkeke

    @logout / @afk / @sleep command

    is anyone has @logout or @afk or @sleep command working on latest Git ? thanks
  2. mharkeke

    Can i have clean 2017 client ?

    How about the clean grf for this client when i use zackdreaver translation i always having an error. Hmmmmm
  3. mharkeke

    Can i have clean 2017 client ?

    Can i have 2017-06-14b Client and Non-Error Grf for the client ? TIA.
  4. where i can get 2018 stable client and Data Folder English Translation with Item Sprites ? or Should i use Data v.4 then i will fuse the zackdreaver translation ? please help thanks.
  5. mharkeke

    Flux CP Connection Error.

    Connection error. i have to VPS 1 for Ragnarok and 1 for the Website i already GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'root'@'185.***.***.***' IDENTIFIED BY '************' WITH GRANT OPTION; ( My Sql database was on Ragnarok VPS ) i already perfectly setup the servers.php but why the connection still doesnt work ? but still i have the connection error ? how can i fix this ?
  6. Taekwon / SG Skill Sprint + Flying Side Kick doesn't work ? how to enable ?
  7. Whats the most stable 2016 - 2017 client ?
  8. mharkeke

    [Guide] How to use a secondary ItemInfo file

    yeah how to apply this patch ?
  9. mharkeke

    Achievement Support

    is there a Achievement for Pre-Renewal. the achievement lua without the 3rd job achievements ?
  10. mharkeke

    2018-06-20eRagexeRE Nemo Patcher

    Ohhh i see thank you. ♥
  11. 2018-06-20eRagexeRE Nemo Patcher there is no Doram Removal on Patch Selection.
  12. mharkeke

    How can i add custom suits

    thank you . why i cant use latest clients ?
  13. mharkeke

    How can i add custom suits

    How can i add custom suits like Akatsuki Suit and Bleach Captain Suit without replacing other Jobs Sprite ?
  14. mharkeke

    Channel Auto Join

    Do we have here a Auto Join Channel #main ? then every time you chat at Channel 60 secs cooldown and -5m zeny.