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  1. not just only spears even katars hmmmm.... does anyone know how to enable ignore missing sprites ?
  2. i already enable it to GVG maps but still doesn't work. hmmm ?
  3. btw the asura animation. the asura without sliding.
  4. this topic has been online for long but cannot find a good answer, some threads has an answer but the codes are outdated. Asura Spam Like This :
  5. @n0tttt on latest git ? can i have the source ? thanks.
  6. nahhh not the item sprite just try novice suit with spear or with katar.
  7. When im using a pike weapon then Putting on the Novice Suit i always have an error. Ps. Sorry for my bad english.
  8. I upgrade all upgrades there ?
  9. Okay done. i already succeed Upgrading my SVN but how to update my SQL to latest ? without losing accounts and items ?
  10. i want to upgrade my server but i dont want to lose the Database and the Modifications on my server. is that SVN upgrading without losing anything is possible ?