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  1. Hi @Z3R0thanks for your respond too
  2. Hi @OwTen Sir, this works perfectly fine with your fix and thank you for pointing out where's the mistake are. You are remarkably a life saviour. Once again Thank you for your help for this script. -Topic Answered & Closed-
  3. Hi Sir @OwTen Thanks for redone the typo and apparently every eq is detectable by the NPC now thanks to you =). Yeah im using Rathena with the script_command.txt as shown. But The NPC sequence seems not right, when i selected Lord Kaho Horn for enchant; the NPC will enchant the accessory instead of what i've choosen. This happens not only with Head - Top and some others too and it even does the same when removing the enchantment. video below for your reference sir. Trio RO _ Gepard Shield 3.0 (^-_-^) 2021-12-05 14-33-37.mp4
  4. Hi @OwTen Thanks for your reply again. I've retry the fix above and now it doesn't detect both accessory.
  5. Hi @OwTen Thanks for your reply and providing the above fix. However, this happens to the NPC when i've input the fix provided by you earlier, video as below. Trio RO _ Gepard Shield 3.0 (^-_-^) 2021-12-05 02-22-04.mp4
  6. Hi @Z3R0 thank you so much for replying. There's actually no error shown in console (putty). Therefore am unsure which part of the script actually broke =(. Here's an video showing that the NPC are unable to locate the circled in red accessory as shown above screen shot. Trio RO _ Gepard Shield 3.0 (^-_-^) 2021-12-05 01-39-26.mp4 Your help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Dear Rathenian Family, I'm using this script that enchant rune/orbs into your eqs. However this script are unable to detect one of the accessory and whereas the rest are detectable. This also applies to when remove rune/orbs from your eqs, one of the accessory are also unable to detect. Appreciate if someone can help to fix this script of mine enchantmentrune.txt
  8. Good Day Rathenians, I'm currently wishing to implement an item with enabled warg on. I've tried using setwarg; and setwarg 0; with warg mastery skill, but it seems the warg its gone hidden or invisible. i search using the search tab for similar post and found the below topic & apparently im having the same invisible warg issue. Was wondering if there's any guide or solution to this. Your reply is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advanced.
  9. Thank you very much Sir @Scylla !!! You helped me solved the Item Quantity error. Hopefully you're able to help me with the Multiple Item too... Once again thank you for your help and respond Sir @Scylla !!!!!!
  10. Good Day Rathenians, I am currently using this Lotti Girl Script that i've found somewhere around here and was trying to add multiple items as requirement to play; however it always ended up needing just 1 item needed only. in addition to that, item quantity seems not working as set too as when i've changed it to 10; player are still able to play by using 1 quantity only instead of 10 quantity. Here's my script that im currently using. Thanking you in advance for your kind help and support. lottigirl.txt
  11. Error Fixed.>>>>>>>>Thanks to Sir BeWan ! Awesome as always !!!
  12. Good Day Rathenians, I am experiencing [string "buf] Error (Lua Files\DataInfo\PetInfo & ShadowTable) while launching my client, after adding a custom NPC into my server. But i did not edited either PetInfo & ShadowTable during adding in the custom NPC and i am currently using 2020 client. EDITED : The NPC is added successfully but the only issue are with the error that are occurring when launched the clients. Enclosed is the screen shot for errors and both files (PetInfo & ShadowTable). Hopefully someone is able to guide me through this error. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. shadowtable.lub petinfo.lub
  13. Thank you so much again for the reply Emistry !!!!
  14. Thank you so much for the reply Emistry !!!! Mind to give me an example of the item_db script on how to add a +10 item? I am using Item_db.yml.
  15. Good Day Rathena ! I'm currently using Euphy's QUEST SHOP, would like to ask if is possible to input +10 Weaps / Equips into the Shop and how should i go about it? Thank you !!!
  16. Sir Capuche, please guide where to add bc_all for certain item opened?
  17. i'm having the same problem of adding fourth shop & above..... can someone pls kindly help....thanking you in advance ! quest_shoptest.txt
  18. Hi All, Am unsure whether is this the right place to ask this, kindly advice if is not. Not sure if this is happening in any other server but it seems that my falcon's position is little bit too low and when tilting the screen it will goes lower and block by the Head-gears. Refer Video below. Hope someone are able to help to provide their expertise on this... Thanking you in advanced !!! WhatsApp Video 2021-05-04 at 01.13.27.mp4
  19. I am experiencing the with Correct VIEW ID but when equipped, there's nothing appear on my Character. any idea on how to solved this? there's some others item are having the same issue also. The act. & Spr. file are in place inside my server's GRF yet it is not showing. I find it pretty weird... is anyone faced the same issue before as i am currently?
  20. Good Day Dakado, would you mind elaborating more on this how do you solved this? i am experiencing the same. Correct VIEW ID but when equipped there's nothing appear on my Character...
  21. Hi can you share with me What is the ViewID for this in item_db.yml?
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